Province of Tarragona

The province of Tarragona is the southernmost of the four provinces of the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia. Its capital is the city of Tarragona.

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The province borders - starting in the North, clockwise - to the Catalan provinces of Lleida and Barcelona, the Mediterranean, the Valencian province of Castellón and the Aragonese provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza.


Larger towns besides the capital Tarragona Reus, Tortosa, El Vendrell, Cambrils, Valls, Limestone, Salou and Calafell.

Biggest Towns

(As of 1 January 2005)

Administrative divisions

The province consists of the ten Comarques:

2004 figures, according to the "Institute of Statistics of Catalonia "

Location of each comarques the province of Tarragona

Baix Camp

Baix Ebre

Baix Penedès

Conca de Barberà



Ribera d' Ebre


Terra Alta

The province of Tarragona