El Vendrell

El Vendrell [ əl βəndɾeʎ ] is a Catalan city in the province of Tarragona, in northeastern Spain. It is the capital of the comarca of Baix Penedès.

Geographical location

The city lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, about 70 km southwest of Barcelona and 25 km north-east of Tarragona.

Part places

Coma- ruga (~ 3,200 inhabitants) - Sant Salvador ( ~ 700 inhabitants) - El Francàs (~ 950 inhabitants) - Sant Vicenç de Calders (via regional train station) (~ 200 inhabitants) - Sector del Sanatori (~ 1,150 inh. ) - El Vendrell (~ 24,000 inhabitants)


At El Vendrell cellist, composer and pacifist Pau Casals was born on 29 December 1876. After his death on October 22, 1973 Pau Casals was initially buried in San Juan de Puerto Rico. On November 9, 1979, after the restoration of democracy in Spain, his remains were transferred to El Vendrell. His birthplace is now the Casals Museum. Before the concert hall named after him is a bust Casals, created by Josep Maria Subirachs.


El Vendrell is the capital of the Penedès wine region and the wine plays in addition to the industry even today a significant role in the economy.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Pau Casals, cellist and composer, born December 29, 1876 in El Vendrell; † October 22, 1973 in San Juan de Puerto Rico
  • Andreu Nin, Spanish revolutionary, born February 4, 1892 in El Vendrell; † June 20, 1937 in Madrid