Fernando Vendrell

Fernando Vieira Lisboa Vendrell Henriques ( born October 28, 1962 in Lisbon ) is a Portuguese film director and producer.


He studied agriculture and psychology, before he began studying at the ESTC ( Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema), which he completed in 1985. He was subsequently assistant et al for Manoel de Oliveira, Margarida Gil, João Canijo, José Fonseca e Costa, Eduardo and Manuel Geada Mozos. For the production company of António da Cunha Telles Animatógrafo he produced several films, and has worked for foreign productions in Portugal.

In 1992 he founded with Luís Alvarães the production company " David & Golias ," for which he made ​​his first film shot in 1998 and delivered a series of theater productions for television between 1996 and 1999.

There are especially his African films that made him famous. His debut fintar o Destino (English about: the fate dribble ) of 1998, based on a true story story of a football player on the football-mad Cape Verde, who deplored it as an adult, to have knocked out as a young man the offer, professional players at Benfica to be, and therefore eventually travels to Lisbon. The film was highlighted in the Panorama section of the Berlinale 1998 and gained the attention of critics worldwide. His film O Gotejar da Luz (English: The trickle of light), after the story by Leite de Vasconcelos, playing in Africa (Mozambique ). Vendrell also worked on the screenplay for the award-winning Angolan- Portuguese film O Herói (English: The Hero ) with which he also produced, and Angola also plays in his own film Pele (German: Skin ) In 2006 an important role




  • 2007: Procura - se Amigo
  • 2007: O Agente de Filipe II
  • 2008: " O Dia do Regicídio " TV mini-series
  • 2009: Bom Dia, África
  • 2009: L' arc-en -ciel (TV)
  • 2010: Sang Renta Noite (TV)
  • 2011: A Social Divisão do Trabalho - Adam Smith
  • 2011: Éden
  • 2012: O Grande Kilapy
  • 2012: Em Segunda Mão