Sabaudia is a planned city built during the Italian fascism in the Italian province of Latina, region Lazio with 19,643 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012).


Sabaudia is situated 90 kilometers southeast of Rome and 24 km from the provincial capital Latina on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The urban core is surrounded by coastal lake Lago di Sabaudia few meters behind the coast.

The region is natural, which is partly due to the Circeo National Park, established in 1934, which includes the biggest part of its territory. Distinguishing features of the area are sandy dunes on the coast and four nearby lakes, Lago di Sabaudia ( Lago di Paola also ), the Lago dei Monaci, the Lago di Caprolace and Lago di Fogliano.

The neighboring communities are Latina, Pontinia, San Felice Circeo and Terracina.


The city was founded in 1933 during the Fascist regime of Mussolini and was inaugurated on 15 April 1934. Their architecture is a typical example of the Italian Rationalism.

Sabaudia is one of the most established with considerable propagandistic effort fascist ideal cities in the then reclaimed Pontine Marshes south of Rome. As only one of these cities Sabaudia is to experience to this day almost unchanged in its original design intent, which alternates between massive classicism and modernity.

A quartet of young architects ( Gino Cancelotti, Eugenio Montuori, Luigi Piccinato, Alfredo Scalpelli ) has 1932-1934 not only designed the urban plan, but also the most public buildings such as town hall, church, Casa del Fascio, Hotel, but also water tower and bus implemented. The post office Angiolo Mazzoni is one of the most unusual buildings in the Italian war Modernism.

In Sabaudia, there is still an air of gratitude to the faded Duce, of this city (supposedly) has created. Hobby Historical book and postcard publications from Sabaudia prove in any case as completely distanzlos.


Sabaudia is a center of tourism, which is visited by many politicians and artists. In addition, agriculture is mainly vegetable and flower cultivation.


Source: ISTAT


Maurizio Lucci ( PdL ) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. His center-right alliance also provides 16 out of 20 seats, the majority in the City Council. His predecessor Alessandro Maracchioni ( Forza Italia ) sat down in June 2007 the mayoral election against his predecessor Salvatore Schintu ( National Alliance ) in the runoff by. Maracchioni however, died unexpectedly in July 2008.


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