Sezze (pronounced set͡sə ) is an Italian town in the province of Latina in the Lazio region with 24,405 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2012).


Sezze is located 80 km southeast of Rome and 21 km northeast of Latina. It is located on a hill on the southern slopes of the Monti Lepini above the Pontine plain. She is a member of the Comunità Montana Monti Lepini e Ausoni.

To Sezze include the districts Casali, Ceriara, Colli, Crocemoschitto and Foresta situated in the foothills of the Monti Lepini. The district Sezze Scalo lies along the Roma- Formia -Naples railway station with the Sezze. Here also, the industry has settled.

By car is Sezze on the Via Appia, state road 7, or the SS 156 dei Monti Lepini of Latina Frosinone accessible.


According to legend, the ancient Setia said to have been founded by Hercules. It was a settlement of the Latins. With the expansion of its territory the place to the base of the Romans was expanded. 382 BC Setia was to Colonia. 82 BC it was conquered by Sulla. After that it was an agricultural center and home of many mansions. 956 AD Sezze declared itself a free commune. The Popes Gregory VII, Paschal II and Lucius III. resided for a short time in the city. 1381 acquired the Caetani control over Sezze.


Source: ISTAT


Andrea Campoli (center - left coalition ) was elected in May 2007 to the mayor. His center-left alliance also with 12 of 20 seats, the majority in the City Council.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Gaius Valerius Flaccus ( † before 90 ), Roman poet
  • Lando of Sezze, anti-pope in the 12th century
  • Carlo da Sezze, Franciscan monk and saint
  • Pier Marcellino Corradini (1658 - 1743), Cardinal and archaeologist