National Institute of Statistics (Italy)

The Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT; German: National Institute of Statistics) is the Italian statistical office based in Rome, comparable to the Federal Statistical Office in Germany or the Statistics Austria in Austria. It was founded in 1926, among other things be responsible for conducting the census.


In addition to the census, the economic activity (productivity), consumer behavior, the everyday culture, health, leisure behavior, the construction is much more observed. Recently, in connection with the introduction of the euro, which has also led in Italy to a ( perceived ) price increase (see Teuro ), the jurisdiction of the ISTAT for the consumer price index to the attention of the public fall (2002-2005).

Especially the selection of the basket has been criticized, which should not correspond to the real issues.

Further statistical offices

In Italy there are two more next to the ISTAT National Institutes engaged in special statistical functions: Isfol - Istituto per lo Sviluppo della formazione professional dei lavoratori in the area of ​​vocational training and INEA - Istituto nazionale di economia agraria in the field of agriculture. These are also known as Enti di informazione Statistica ( authorities for statistical information ).

Furthermore, entertained a number of authorities, corporations and associations own statistical offices:

  • The ministries;
  • National authorities and organizations (including the Italian ADAC, ACI - Automobile Club d' Italia, the National Council of Economy and Labour, CNEL - Consiglio Nazionale del Lavoro e dell'Economia, the Italian Olympic Committee CONI, the pension insurance INPS and INAIL, the Italian state railways, etc. ),
  • The regions and autonomous provinces ( in South Tyrol, for example, the National Institute of Statistics, abbreviated ASTAT )
  • The prefectures - District Offices of the Government,
  • The provinces,
  • Chambers of commerce,
  • The communities
  • The municipal associations ( for example, mountain communities ).

Together, the individual statistical offices the SISTAN ( Sistema statistico nazionale ), the national statistical system that provides official statistics available Italy and the international organizations.