Alcobendas is a suburb of Madrid, which is approximately 13 kilometers north of the capital. It counts 112 196 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and lies at an altitude of 667 meters; the area is 44 km ². The development has grown together with that of the neighboring town of San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Coat of arms

Description: The Silver Crest is looming with a green bent- semi high top with a silver castle with red open doorway and two windows on the three crenellated towers, each with a red window, the middle is the higher, split. Front end floats a red lily cross and behind a black eagle.

Over the shield rests a golden crown of pearls


Since 2001, Alcobendas is connected to Madrid by the suburban train Cercanías ( line C- 1 Madrid - Atocha and Alcalá de Henares ) and by the highway. In 2007, in addition to line 10 of the Madrid Metro was extended here.

Sons and daughters of the city

  • Penelope Cruz ( born 1974 ), Spanish film actress
  • Mario Suárez ( * 1987), Spanish footballer