Aranjuez is a town in Spain. It is located 47 km south of Madrid on the rivers Tagus and Jarama. Its inhabitants are called or Riberenos arancetanos.

Aranjuez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Spain and consists of the following districts: Centro ( downtown), Vergel, Olivas, Aves, Nuevo Aranjuez ( " New Aranjuez " ), Foso, Moreras and La Montaña ( " The Mountain ").


Since the 16th century Aranjuez was one of the summer residences of the royal family. It plays the beginning of the famous Don Carlos of Schiller to: " The beautiful days in Aranjuez are now at an end. "

In Aranjuez, a contract was entered into on April 12, 1772 between France and Spain in which Spain promised to stand by the other contracting party against Great Britain.

On March 18, 1808 in the city broke out the Spanish revolution that overthrew the Prince of Peace Godoy and King Charles IV forced to abdicate. Finally, here came the same year on September 25, the Central Junta together.


  • University: University of Philip II, the part of the University Complutense of Madrid.
  • The Rey Juan Carlos University ( URJC ) held in Aranjuez their summer courses.


Aranjuez is located in a beautiful wooded valley. The old town has a regular architecture, reminiscent of the Dutch style.

The largest and best-known landmark of the city is built in 1727 by Pedro Caro Palace of Aranjuez, the former summer residence of the Spanish kings. The palace is surrounded by extensive gardens with magnificent groves, hardwood stands and meadows.


In summer it is customary to visit the tourist cafes on the Tagus. These premises are in Aranjuez ( and only there) called " Gangos ".


  • Typical products: strawberries and asparagus.
  • Also pheasant dishes are typical.

The typical dishes such as However Spargelomelette are often very expensive.

City festivals, fairs and festivals

In May, the craft fair " Alfaranjuez " instead of, as well as a folk music festival. A fair with used cars also takes place in May.

Every year on May 30, there is the town festival in honor of Ferdinand III. Castile, patron saint of the town of Aranjuez.

Between May and June, the "Festival of Early Music " in Aranjuez instead.

In June you can visit the book fair. In September there is a special show for old and used books.

In the first week of September are the celebrations to commemorate the "Mutiny of Aranjuez ", which are declared as " of National Tourist Interest " ( Fiestas de Interès Turístico Nacional).

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Wilhelm Schulz, geologist
  • Juan Luis Mora, Spanish footballers
  • Riki, Spanish footballers
  • Javier Portillo, Spanish footballers
  • Francisco Clavet, tennis players