Olmeda de las Fuentes

Olmeda de las Fuentes is a small municipality in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Madrid.

The community had on 1 January 2013, according to information provided by the INE reported 340 inhabitants on an area of ​​16.73 km ². This corresponds to 20 inhabitants per km ². The official language is Castilian. The inhabitants are called olmedeños / olmedeñas.

Until the 1970s the place was known officially as Olmeda de la Cebolla. Through the Jesuit Pedro Páez, who was born in 1564 there and later published the records of his travels to Ethiopia, you can still find it today in the literature and some reports. 1953 proposes to change the place name in Olmeda de las Fuentes.


Geographical Location

Olmeda de las Fuentes located 44 km from the Spanish capital of Madrid and 24 km from Alcalá de Henares.

Neighboring communities

In the north and east borders the municipality of Pezuela de las Torres and Ambite. In the south and west lies Villar del Olmo and Nuevo Baztán.


Due to its high altitude, at 794 meters above sea level and continental climate in the summer Olmeda de las Fuentes hot and dry, winters, however, are much colder than in the cities on the Mediterranean.