Coslada is a town in the Spanish region of Madrid. She lies about 13 km east of the city center of Madrid, just south of the airport Barajas. Coslada has 91 425 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013), the municipal area has 12 km ².

The municipality has increased only in recent times due to the proximity of the airport in size and importance. In 1960 lived in the community only 3,695 inhabitants. Coslada is marked accordingly, especially by new buildings. The city is involved in the transport network of Madrid: the main thoroughfares N-II, M 40 and M 45 extend through Coslada, which also got connection to the metro network in 2007 (line 7).

In May 2008 Coslada became known internationally in the wake of a police scandal, when 30 officers from the police community - a fifth of the number of employees - were arrested on suspicion of organized extortion and drug trafficking.