Guadalix de la Sierra

Guadalix de la Sierra is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of Madrid in Spain. The municipality belongs to the comarca of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares.

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  • 4.1.2 San Isidro (May 15 )
  • 4.1.3 San Juan Bautista ( 24th June)
  • 4.1.4 Patronalfeste of the Virgin of Espinar ( June 7 to 14 )
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Neighboring communities

Guadalix de la Sierra is bordered to the north by Navalafuente, Cabanillas de la Sierra, in the northeast on Venturada, to the east by El Vellón, on the southeast by Pedrezuela, in the south of Colmenar Viejo, on the west by Miraflores de la Sierra and to the northwest by Bustarviejo.


On 1 January 2006 lived in Guadalix de la Sierra 5,099 people (2005: 4,963 ), of which 2,628 men and 2,471 women. 13.8% were foreigners (3.2% from the Americas, 5.98% from 0.14% from Africa and Asia).

Population Development


Parish council

The municipal elections in May 2007 was won by the Partido Popular ( People's Party) and received 8 councilors. The PSOE ( Socialists ) won 3 seats, Izquierda Unida on ( left ) and CIGS each accounted for 1 seat

Ángel Luis García Yuste mayor is.

Culture and sights

City ​​festivals

Day of the tortilla

The day of the tortilla is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday. All residents go to the country and eat tortilla. In the afternoon carnival parade with prizes for the participants and the best costumes.

San Isidro (May 15 )

Festival in honor of Isidore of Madrid. At 1 clock noon a fair is held, and then there is a procession in honor of the saint. The farmers and ranchers of the city accompany the train followed by the rest of the population and countless horses. At the Town Hall Square lemonade, bread and cheese will be distributed.

San Juan Bautista ( 24th June)

Festival in honor of John the Baptist, the patron saint of Guadalix de la Sierra and namesake of the parish church. Procession with the effigy of St. John as a child, a work by the sculptor Mariano Rubio, a native of the town, to the banks of the River Guadalix ( G. flow ). The effigy of the saint goes into the water of the river, baptizing anyone who wants to renew his baptism.

Patronalfeste of the Virgin of Espinar ( June 7 to 14 )

Festival with processions, bands, beef stew with potatoes, sports tournaments, greasy pole, chess tournaments, folk dances and bullfights.

Economy and infrastructure


About the running east -west highway M -608 can be reached in an easterly direction after 6 km, the Autovia del Norte ( Northern Motorway ) A-1, which reaches 50 km the city of Madrid.

A railway connection does not exist.

The bus route 726 depart every hour to Nalvalafuente and every half hour to Madrid. On weekends, the line runs at night three times. The ride to Plaza de Castilla in the north of the city takes 1 hour.


The Spanish TV station Telecinco produces the show " Gran Hermano " (Big Brother) in Guadalix de la Sierra.