Tres Cantos

Tres Cantos is a Spanish municipality in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Located 23 km north of the city of Madrid and has 41 896 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

Especially parks and trees, and wide avenues determine the appearance. Almost the entire ring road, which is formed by the Avenida de Viñuelas, Avenida de los Artisanos, Avenida de Colmenar Viejo, and the Avenida de los Encuartes is created promenade -like. In the north ( Avenida de Colmenar Viejo) and the south ( Avenida de Viñuelas ) are located several restaurants and cafes.

Coat of arms

Description: The silver and brown inaccurate shared field is surrounded by the red board with seven silver five-pointed stars and shows on erdenem basic two trees with brown trunk and green foliage crown.

About the shield is a stylized gold crown with a common grass in the apex.


Tres Cantos is a comparatively young city. The beginning is due to the year 1971, when plans were made to develop within Madrid new cities, which in 1976 in the founding of the Tres Cantos SA resulted. 1980 began construction in 1982 and attracted the first inhabitants in the new settlement. First, Tres Cantos was a district of Colmenar Viejo, only since March 3, 1991, she is self-employed. The development can be divided into three phases: The first phase comprises the northern residential ( Avenida Colmenar Viejo), the second phase of the residential areas in the south ( Avenida de las Viñuelas ). The third phase is currently in development, it closes in the north to the first phase. Construction has already begun. Upon completion of this plan Tres Cantos is said to have about 60,000 inhabitants.


To the west of Tres Cantos, the road M -607 along which connects with Colmenar Viejo Madrid. In parallel to this road pass the railroad tracks for the Cercanías Madrid, the Madrid commuter train which connects by line C4 Tres Cantos with Madrid. Furthermore, there are still some suburban bus lines ( interurbanos ): 712, 713, 716, 717 connect Tres Cantos with the Plaza Castilla in Madrid, Line 723 runs from Tres Cantos to Colmenar Viejo and with the line 827 is reached from Tres Cantos from the Canto Blanco University, Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Barajas Airport and the neighborhoods of Madrid Barajas and Canillejas.


The town is part of the technology park of Madrid ( Parque Technologico de Madrid) and an industrial area. There are some companies are represented with their Spanish offices, such as Beiersdorf ( Nivea ), Siemens, Danone, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.