Villar del Olmo

Villar del Olmo is a municipality in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Madrid. Part of 27.6 km ² municipal area is located in the Comarca de Las Vegas, the other in the Comarca de Alcalá. The community had on 1 January 2013, according to information provided by the INE in 2115 reported a population of inhabitants. This corresponds to 77 inhabitants per km ². The official language is Castilian.


Villar del Olmo is 53 km south-west of the Spanish capital Madrid. In the north, bordering the municipalities of Nuevo Baztán and Olmeda de las Fuentes, in the south Orusco de Tajuña, and to the east of Ambite.

Transport links

From Madrid to reach Villa del Olmo on the Autopista A-3, exit ( Salida ) 22 towards Campo Real or via the Autopista A-2 Exit M-50 towards Valencia take the first exit Torrejón de Henares following on the highway M- 206 through the towns of Loeches, Pozuelo del Rey and in Nuevo Baztán follow the sign Villar del Olmo.


Due to its location 675 meters above sea level and continental climate in the summer Villar del Olmo are hot and dry, winters but much colder than in the cities on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.


Each year following festivals are celebrated by the Villañeros:

  • Santa Agueda, ( engl: Agatha of Catania) on February 5,
  • San Isidro, ( patrón ), ( engl: Isidore of Madrid) on 15 May
  • Nuestra Señora de la Soledad ( fiestas patronales ), on 15 September


  • Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, a city built in the late 13th century Romanesque church with the distinguishing feature of Romanesque buildings, the round arch. Inside there are two grave stones and a baroque altar.
  • Peña Rondán, on this mountain there are many caves that are important prehistoric sites.