Cross#In heraldry

The cross is used in heraldry (heraldry ) in great variety and comes in many flavors. As a common figure, the cross floats freely in the blazon. Touch the four arms of the cross the crest edge, it is called a herald image. From the common grass, there are many varieties, and often the cross thus receives a new label. It can have all the colors. The description of the coat of arms should call every detail.

Appearance and function

The naming is done by the Cross according to two criteria: by its appearance and by its function. For example, a fußgespitztes lily cross or Glevenkreuz (appearance ) as a religious symbol of St. Jacob is called (function) Jacob Cross.

Cross as a common figure

The coat of arms / box or as a superb piece of the cross has significantly influenced the heraldry. While the cross was the emblem division in the aforementioned group, it should be handled as a common figure like other figures. The varied forms can be found in the coat of arms: you often press the religiosity or religious and church affiliation of the coat of arms of the carrier. Difficult different names for the same cross shape are attributable. The uniqueness of the Coat of Arms description shall prevail. The crosses can swaying, pierced, surrounded, held by an animal or human figure, or even with things ( roses, lilies, hearts and other more) be occupied. Hats, crowns can hover over the cross or be suspended from the arm. For ecclesiastical dignitaries Asked behind the crest crosses are self-evident. In ecclesiastical heraldry the ages for each stage of the church dignity rules have emerged in the course.

Cross as a herald image

As output applies the common cross for this group. It is formed when a pile and a bar intersect the middle without separating line in the same color at a right angle. The four arms of the cross have a " herald image " touching agreed the crest edge. All other forms can be derived. The arms of the cross -sectional shapes can accept all, only the ends of the arms are inevitably not be changed. Many so- derived cross shapes are based on the coat of arms cut ( Astschnitt, clouds cut, battlements section) and the Herald images displayed on them ( geschacht, riveted, sanded, squared, faceted, quartered, pierced, rimmed, occupied or crocheted changes ) refers.


Individual forms of the Cross

  • Abbreviated Cross: see Greek cross
  • Paragraph Cross: see emerging cross
  • Eight-pointed cross: see Maltese Cross
  • Egyptian ankh: Anthony Cross
  • Egyptian cross, cross of St. Anthony, Taukreuz, Old Testament Cross
  • Alpfuß, Alpkreuz: pentalpha
  • St. Andrew's cross: saltire also, trays, Sicilian Cross
  • Anchor chain cross: two chains form a cross.
  • Anchor Cross: also Tatzenkreuz. The cross arms are represented with wide tips
  • Apple Cross: The cross arms are filled with small balls ( apples ). The cross is also called Pilgram cross.
  • Astkreuz: The cross arms are made with natural or stylized branches of gnarled tree trunks horizontal / vertical represented.
  • Balkenkreuz: Wicked Cross
  • Ball Cross: Apple Cross, fewer dropped
  • Floral Cross:
  • Burgundy Cross: Astkreuz, is a St. Andrew's cross
  • Byzantine Cross: also Stufenkreuz, Latin cross with steps underlay
  • Calvariuskreuz: Passion Cross
  • Order of Christ Cross: see crutch cross, Krukenkreuz
  • Pedestrian: Fork Cross, Schächerkreuz
  • Trident Cross: The arm ends run as a trident.
  • Double Cross: patriarchal cross, Hungarian Cross
  • Drilling Crosshair: Mean cross formed of threads
  • Drudenkreuz: pentalpha
  • Continuous cross:
  • Reticle: thready narrow arms, mean cross
  • Window Cross: quadrilateral with four square openings, square is a wicked cross
  • Flechtkreuz: wicked cross from thin threads that appear as braided
  • Fork Cross: Cross with two, usually three-fold bifurcation
  • Gänsefußkreuz:
  • Mean cross: Balkenkreuz
  • Gereisenkreuz: trident cross
  • Göpel: The cross is in the shape of an inverted Wye.
  • Greek Cross or floating cross
  • Also: White cross in blue ( flag of Greece )
  • Ankh: see ancient Egyptian Cross
  • High Cross: Moved from center type pole and toward the upper plate edge beam
  • Grand Master Cross: German Masters Cross. Silver rod cross with golden lilies ends and an eagle plate gold / black
  • Jacob Cross: fußgespitztes lily cross ( glaives ) as a religious symbol of St. Jacob
  • Jerusalem Cross: Five Crosses remember the five wounds of Christ.
  • Jochkreuz: Mean cross with circular incisions
  • John Cross: Cross arms widen until the end
  • Cardinal Cross: patriarchal cross
  • Shamrock Cross: Trefoil Cross, Lazarus Cross, St. Thomas Cross
  • Knots Cruising: post and beam are braided by a square (vertical form).
  • Schrage node cross pole and bars are braided by a square and everything rotated by 45 degrees
  • Contours cross: see shadow cross
  • Crutch cross, with small transom as cuffs
  • Kugelkreuz: The arms consist of balls.
  • Ball Bar Cross: see also Pilgerkreuz
  • Latin Cross or Passion Cross
  • Lily cross and lilies end cross
  • Scepter Cross
  • Lindenblatt Cross: Wicked cross with cross arms of stylized lime leaves.
  • Lorraine Cross: Cross with two bars
  • Maltese Cross: St. John Cross
  • Wall anchors Cross
  • Mühlkreuz: Anchor Cross, mean cross with barbs on the arms ( Pyrmont )
  • Papal cross: Papal Cross or Pontifikalkreuz; three top -shorter arms is out of the papal coat of arms before
  • Oktagramm, also Eight 's star: 's cross and star, sign of Lawyers and Notaries
  • Part Cross: a wicked cross with flared outward cross arms, which expire semicircular.
  • Passion Cross: High Cross, Latin Cross
  • Patrick Cross: Symbol of St. Patrick; red St. Andrew's cross on white
  • Peter Cross: Peter Cross, slumped Hochkreuz
  • Pile steer handle:
  • Pfropfkreuz:
  • Pilgerkreuz: see also Ball Bar Cross
  • Processional: born in pilgrimages cross with trefoil ends
  • Paws Cross: arms of equal length, cross arms widen until the end
  • Quest Cross: Wicked Cross with the mid -laid ring of the same color
  • Radkreuz: is a double cross, from the Greek and formed the St. Andrew's cross. Eight legs with a ring, so-called halo (Coat of Arms of Mainz)
  • Ring Cross: Wicked Cross, on the arm ends are rings
  • Schächerkreuz: Taukreuz ( drawbar) or forked cross
  • Chess Cross: Wicked Cross with a checkerboard pattern
  • Shadow Cross: Presentation of a Common Cross by thin boundary lines
  • Snake Cross
  • Oblique crosshairs: Schrage cross, arms are narrow
  • Floating Cross: Greek cross
  • Scandinavian Cross: Exposed by heraldic right Latin cross
  • St. Thomas Cross: see cloverleaf interchange
  • Holly Cross: also cross slot, bottom pointed cross
  • Stufenkreuz: see Byzantine Cross
  • Fir Cross: Common cross whose arms are stylized fir branches.
  • Tatzenkreuz: see also anchor intersection
  • Taukreuz: see Anthony Cross, Old Testament Cross, Egyptian Cross
  • Tolosanerkreuz or Occitan Cross:
  • Drop Cross: teardrop-shaped arms
  • Trysub: Symbol in the Ukrainian coat of arms, the trident similar
  • People cross: in the round box a wicked Cross ( Italy)
  • Volutenkreuz: Wicked Cross with rolled arms on the cross ends
  • Wake Cross:
  • Consecration Cross: also crux signata, papal cross or cross apostles, modification of the Patriarch Cross
  • Again Cross: Wicked cross with arms on the arms
  • Twin Reticle: cross of two times two parallel threads

Gallery: Crosses as a herald image

Silver in a continuous black cross

Red Tatzenkreuz

Red in a continuous golden Paulinerkreuz

Polished silver cross topped with a golden crown

Golden cross bars

Silver shaft tiller

Of silver and red quartered by a ground, geviertes of red and silver cross

Knots Cruising

Nimbiertes Cross

Squared cross

Obliquely diced Cross

Gerau tetes Cross

Counter battlements Cross

Pierced Cross

Quest Cross ( Quest )

Confess ändertes Cross

The beam cross -section separate


End of Stage Cross

Repeatedly confess ändertes Cross

Multiple gestückeltes Cross

Shed Cross

Geviertes Cross

Cube Cross

Sphere occupied wave saltire

Peter Cross, Peter Cross

Bow Cross

Crutch Cross

Chain Cross

Cable cross

Grid Cross



Twin crosshairs

Facets or cross -faceted cross

Serbian Cross

Gallery: Crosses as common figure

Floating silver Tatzenkreuz

Silver cross of St. John

Growing Patriarch Hochkreuz

Golden patriarchal cross with half the lower cross bar ( left)

Golden Latin cross with Fußsparren

Floating red Mühleisenkreuz, topped with a golden heart shield

Latin cross with black curly toe rechtshin

Doppelbalkiges Red Cross ( Cross of Lorraine )

Continuous black German cross of the Order ( Herald photo), topped with a golden lily cross (common character)

Radkreuz with top and laterally projecting beams

Radkreuz in the arms of Aukrug


Re- Cross

Jerusalem Cross

Spitznagel inverted cross or arrow cross


Again Cross with wall anchor ends

Diamond cross

Beknopftes broken out key cross; Tolosanerkreuz

Occupied with crescents Cross

Wall anchor cross ( shape selection)

Occupied tooth or serrated Wicked Cross

Linden leaf cross

Ermine Cross


" Papal " Cross

Shadow cross

Lily cross as a cross of Avis

Cloud Cross, skewed as the heraldic figure of Lombardy

Fir Cross

Faceted Cross