Algeciras [ alxeθiɾas ] is a port city in the southern Spanish province of Cádiz ( Andalusia Autonomous Region). Their population was on 1 January 2013 according to information from the INE at 114,277. The place is located near the British possession of Gibraltar. Algeciras is just a little north of the southernmost European town of Tarifa. Both cities are located on the Strait of Gibraltar. Algeciras is located on the Mediterranean Sea, to the east is the Bay of Algeciras.

The name comes from the Arabic Algeciras place name al -Jazeera al - Chadra for green island, the TV channel " Al Jazeera " has the same etymology. Here the Moors preconceived in their invasion of Spain 711 first firm footing and kept the city until its conquest by Alfonso XI. of Castile on 27 March 1344.

Before Algeciras and the naval battle of 6 July 1801 and the naval battle of July 12, 1801 took place. In the former, the French were victorious over the English, while in the second the combined Franco- Spanish fleet defeated the British.

The modern Port of Algeciras is one of the most frequently trafficked in the world. The majority of vessel traffic is handled with Africa.

With the port Tanger- Med in Morocco, there is a permanent ferry service, as with the Spanish enclave of Ceuta by the Spanish ferry company Balearia. Due to the daily passenger and freight transport, the city holds numerous hotels and other accommodation ready.

As a competitor to the container port of Algeciras, Morocco has built in sight south the new port Tanger- Med between Tangier and Ceuta, this will be expanded to Africa's biggest deep -water port.

Significantly, the regional oil refinery, which supplies the tankers in the Algecirasbucht. In the waters of Gibraltar then better prices because of lower taxes are to be achieved.

In Algeciras in 1906 was a conference of the major powers to resolve the First Moroccan Crisis instead.

Operation Algeciras was an unsuccessful plan of the Argentine military to sabotage the British military facilities by Montoneros in Gibraltar during the Falklands War.