Puerto Real

Puerto Real ( Cádiz ) is a city in Andalusia ( Spain), located in the southeast of the Bay of Cádiz. With the provincial capital Cádiz it is since 1965 through the bridge León de Carranza and the N443 connected directly.


The excavations of El Retamar suggest a prehistoric settlement from the Neolithic period and those of Puente Melchor, El Gallo Nero and Villanueva of Romanization are assigned. From a Muslim time only a few references are available and only at the end of the 15th century, when the Bay of Cádiz is populated by Christians after the Reconquista, begins the actual story of Puerto Real: The place was on June 18, 1483 order of the Catholic kings founded. It was created as a 'Royal Port "as the name suggests, because the Spanish crown needed a developed access to the sea. In the 16th century, the checkerboard-like cityscape is applied, as it is still visible today. 1676, the city of the crown is independent and an economic upturn begins, which lasts until the end of the 18th century. Sign are still visible in the urban landscape: many houses are decorated with baroque portals. In the 20th century a shipyard is applied to the edge of town. The modern building of the Faculty of Science of the University of Cádiz is also the suburbs.


  • Historic townscape
  • Church of San Sebastian ( 18th century)
  • Teatro Principal ( theater from the 19th century )
  • Pine grove Las Canteras
  • Reserva Natural Complejo Endorreico de Puerto Real