Algeciras Conference

The Algeciras Conference was an international conference from 16 January to April 7, 1906 at the Hotel Reina Cristina in Algeciras ( Spain), was used in the decision on the solution of the first Moroccan crisis.


The conference was supported by representatives of the German Empire after France had begun to perform in Morocco reforms to the economic and military affairs in accordance with the Sudan contract, although the state was regarded as independent in accordance with the Madrid Convention of 1880. After initially refusing to France also participated in the conference.

The German Empire had hoped to inflict a diplomatic defeat France in order to solve the Entente Cordiale. Also we had hoped for the support of other countries. So wrote Chancellor Bernhard von Bülow to Kaiser Wilhelm II:


However, these expectations were not fulfilled, so that the German Empire in 1906, only the Dual Alliance Partner Austria-Hungary had on his side. At the conference, the sovereignty of Morocco was formally recognized, however, France was able to win the concession to be able to manage the police in the Moroccan ports and banking together with Spain. Under Spanish control came Tetuan and Larache, in France fell Rabat, Safi, El Jadida and Essaouira, while police of both countries Tangier and Casablanca should monitor. Thus France had achieved his main goal during the German Empire increasingly lost due to its aggressive approach to reputation and drove rapidly into international isolation. Also provided for the growing Moroccan independence movement, the outcome of the conference represents a defeat

The conference results were summarized in the so-called Algeciras Act, which was signed on April 7, 1906. It was neutral Switzerland, the mandate to appoint the Inspector General of the Moroccan police (see Morocco -Müller), and to be assessed by their federal court certain legal cases.


The signatories were: the German Empire, the French Third Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Russian Empire, United States, Austria - Hungary, the Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Portugal, Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Sweden and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Your consuls presented the Government of the international zone of Tangier.