Albacete is the capital of the Spanish province of Albacete in the Autonomous Community of Castile -La Mancha. It is located about 200 km south-east of Madrid in the plains of La Mancha. She is known mainly because of manufacturing knives as well as by the Circuito de Albacete, a race track, which takes place on a motorcycle endurance race every year. The city being the bishop of the diocese of Albacete and location of the University of Castilla -La Mancha. The license plate used until 2001, the province of Albacete was AB.


The enormous demand for solar modules of Spain gave rise to a manufacturing plant in 2005 in Albacete, which is operated by the local company " Gruposolar ".

In addition, there is a Eurocopter factory in Albacete, which takes over the hull and finishing the Eurocopter Tiger, NH90 and EC135 for Spain.

Development of the population since industrialization 1900:


Albacete is home to the Spanish football team Albacete Balompié, who played in the 2004/05 season in the Primera División, but then descended.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Juan Carlos Arce, novelist, playwright and advocate
  • José Luis Cuerda, director and screenwriter
  • Sisinio González, footballer
  • Joaquín Reyes, comedian, actor and artist
  • José Vicente Ortuño, writer


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