2004–05 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 2004 /05 was the 13th season of the most important European competition for club teams in football under this name and the 50th overall. The competition took as last season 72 clubs from 48 national federations in part. Although the masters of Azerbaijan was back at the start, but no team from Kazakhstan. The season started on 13 July 2004 with the first leg of the first qualifying round and ended on 25 May 2005 with the final at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. There was won by Liverpool, the 2003/ 04 participated as the fourth in the Premier League, with 3:3 after extra time and 3-2 on penalties against AC Milan his fifth title in the premier class.

  • 3.1 Group A
  • 3.2 Group B
  • 3.3 Group C
  • 3.4 Group D
  • 3.5 Group E
  • 3.6 Group F
  • 3.7 Group G
  • 3.8 Group H


According to the UEFA five year ranking two teams were set for the group stage from England, Italy and Spain; two more started in the 3rd qualifying round. From Germany, France and Greece (seats 4-6 UEFA five year ranking ) two teams were also set for the group stage, but only ever one team competed in the third qualifying round. From the Netherlands, Portugal (including defending champion FC Porto ) and Scotland (seats 7-9 ) was placed a team in the group stage and each one started in the third qualifying round. For Turkey, the following was considered: Since 2003/2004 FC Porto was both Portuguese champions and Champions League winners, the master of the tenth country to ( champion) took over in the five-year rating Fenerbahce space of Porto in the group stage and did not have in start of the third qualifying round. The second Turkish representatives launched as planned in the second qualifying round. Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Czech Republic and the Ukraine (seats 11-15 ) sent one team each in the 2nd and one team in the third qualifying round.

In the game mode, there were over last year, only a small change. The third-placed teams from the group stage did not qualify more as in previous years for the 3rd round of the UEFA Cup, but for the local Round of. In the group stage as previously considered the following case of a tie between two teams:


First qualifying round

20 national champions, whose countries were placed in the UEFA ranking of 2003 under the 28th rank, were drawn together here and play one home and one away match against each other. The respective winners were promoted to the second qualifying round.

The first legs took place on 13-14. July, the return legs take place on 21 July 2004.

Second qualifying round

The 10 winners of the first qualifying round, 12 champions of European leagues, which were placed between 17-28 square UEFA ranking list 2003 and 6 second-placed teams in the leagues between 10-15 square were drawn together. The teams again played 2 Games up to today and the winner went on to the next qualifying round.

The first legs took place on 27-28. July, the return legs held on 4 August 2004.

Third qualifying round

The 14 winners from the second qualifying round, 6 champions of European leagues, which are placed between square 11-16 UEFA ranking list in 2003, three second-placed teams from the countries in the squares 7-9, 6 third-placed teams from countries 1 - 6 and 3 fourth-placed teams from countries 1-3 were drawn together here and again played 2 Games up to today. The winners qualified for the group stage and the losers played in the first round of the UEFA Cup 2004/ 05 on.

The first legs took place on 10-11. August, the return matches on 24-25. August 2004 instead.

Group stage

The 16 winners of the third qualifying round were dissolved together with the masters of the 10 highest lined up state associations and the second-placed teams from countries ranked 1-6 UEFA five year ranking in 8 groups of 4 teams each. For each group, the first- and time- placed teams were promoted to the next round, while the third-placed teams qualified for the round of the UEFA Cup in 2004/05. The last group were excluded from European competitions.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Second round

The first legs took place on 22-23. February, the return matches on 8/9 March 2005 instead.


The first legs took place on 5/6 April and the return matches on 12-13. Of April 2005.


The first legs took place on 26-27. April and the return legs on 3/4 Of May 2005.


This game was one of the most exciting and memorable Champions League games ever in history, as Liverpool seemingly hopelessly lagged 0-3 at the break, then leveled the score within six minutes and eventually won on penalties.

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