1992–93 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 1992/93 was the first season of the most important European competition for club teams in football under this name and the 38th overall. Previously called the competitive European Cup of Champions. The final was played on 26 May 1993 at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.


It first participated record number of 36 club teams, as had after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, the number of participating nations, who were allowed into the contest send their respective champions increased. Thus the masters were from the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Slovenia and Ukraine for the first time at the start. With Maccabi Tel Aviv took this season for the first time a team from Israel in a European contest, after the country had been initially admitted as an associate member of the UEFA 1991. Also the master of the Faroe Islands gave his European Cup debut. Therefore, unlike the previous year a qualifying round was necessary. According to the knockout rounds, a group stage was played with two groups of four teams as last season for the second time, the winners again qualified for the final.


Led by the then president Bernard Tapie - - Shortly after winning the Champions League title was Marseille influencing match results accused. Of this was mainly a French Cup game against the U.S. Valenciennes - the " OM " was finally able to win 1-0 - affected, the Tapie had paid bribes. It was believed that Tapie thus wanted to force the early championship win, so as to allow the team more time to prepare for the Champions League final. The affair eventually led to the withdrawal of the French league title by the French Football Federation (FFF ), but not to the cancellation of the results in the Champions League, because that game this competition has not allocated - although even there the French representative particularly the 6:0 victory against CSKA Moscow "bought" had. In addition, Olympique Marseille was transferred to the second division and also deprived the defending champion items for the 1993/94 season by making a barrier for European club competitions.

Preliminary round

The first legs took place on 2 September 1992 on 19 August and the return games.

First round

The first legs took place on 30 September 1992 on 16 September and the return legs.


2nd round

The first legs took place on November 4, 1992 on 21 October and the return games.

Group stage

Group A

Group B


Top scorers