1961–62 European Cup

The European Champions' Cup 1961/62 was the 7th edition of the competition. 29 club teams participated, including 28 national champion of the previous season with Benfica, the defending champion.

The participants played in the pure Cup mode (except for the final) round-trip games for the crown of European club football. In Torgleichstand it came, regardless of the number of away goals to a playoff on neutral ground.

The final took place on 2 May 1962 at the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam before 65,000 spectators instead. The defending champions Benfica defeated Real Madrid 5-3.

Preliminary round

A walk-through were:

The first legs took place from 23 August to 21 September, the return legs on 12 to 28 September took place in 1961.

First round

The first legs were held until November 15, the return matches from October 25 to December 3, 1961 by October 18.


The first legs took place from 1 to 14 February, the return matches from 14 to 26 February 1962 instead.


The match took place on 28 February 1962.


The first legs took place on 21-22. March, the return matches on 5./12. April 1962 instead.


Top scorers

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