1994–95 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 1994/95 was the third season of the most important European competition for club teams in football under this name and the 40th overall. It took first time in the history of the competition is not all reported state champion in part, as a result of the increased number of member associations, UEFA had decided to leave in 1994/95 start in the UEFA five year ranking lower -placed champion in the UEFA Cup. There were, therefore, in this season, including the defending champion and Italian master AC Milan, only 24 clubs at the start.

In the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, the final was held on 24 May 1995.


Starting this season, there was another change in the game mode. Concurred with the qualifying round directly to the group stage with 4 groups of 4 teams on. The first two to finish each group reached the quarter- finals. This was also the last season in which the group stage for a win, two points were awarded. From the season 1995/96 the three- point rule came into force.


The first legs took place on August 24, 1994 on the 10th, the return games.

Group stage

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


The first legs took place on 15 March 1995 on the 1st, the return games.


The first legs took place on April 19, 1995 on the 5th, the return games.


Top scorers