2007–08 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 2007 /08 was the 16th season of the most important European competition for club teams in football under this name and the 53rd overall. The competition participated in this year 76 teams from 52 state associations part. For the first time were teams from Andorra, Montenegro and San Marino at the start. Up to Liechtenstein for all UEFA member associations were represented in the competition. The season began with the first qualifying round on 17-18. July 2007 and ended with the final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on May 21, 2008. This stood with Manchester United and Chelsea for the first time two English clubs towards that also against each other disputed in the previous year the FA Cup final that won Chelsea had. It was also the first final, which took place on artificial turf.

  • 3.1 Group A
  • 3.2 Group B
  • 3.3 Group C
  • 3.4 Group D
  • 3.5 Group E
  • 3.6 Group F
  • 3.7 Group G
  • 3.8 Group H


Compared to the previous season, there were no changes in the competition format. For the group stages was the following points in equality of two teams as usual:


First qualifying round

(28 participants) The first legs took place on 17-18. July, the return matches on 24-25. July 2007 instead.

Second qualifying round

(28 participants) The first legs took place on July 31 / 1 August, the return legs on 7/8 August 2007 instead.

Third qualifying round

(32 participants) The first legs took place on 14-15. August, the return matches on 28-29. August 2007 instead.

Group stage

At the group stage, attracted 32 teams (up to H A) played in 8 groups of 4 teams each. For each group, the first- and second-placed teams came back for the second round, while the third-placed teams continued to play in the Round of the UEFA Cup in 2007 /08. The last group were excluded from European competitions.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Second round

The first legs took place on 19-20. February, the return matches on 4/5 March 2008 instead.


The first legs were completed on 1 / 2 April and the return legs on 8/9 Of April 2008.


The first legs took place on 22-23. April and the return matches on 29-30. Of April 2008.


Top scorers