S.S. Lazio

Lazio Rome, Società Sportiva Lazio SpA officially, is an Italian football club from Rome. Lazio Rome, named after the Italian name of the Lazio region, in addition to Juventus and city rivals AS Roma is the only company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange Club of Italy. Play their home games, the club from the Olympic Stadium in Rome, which you share with AS Roma.


Lazio was founded on 9 January 1900 by Luigi Bigiarelli. Had a great success initially remained rare. Only in 1973/74 was the Italian championship and in 1957/58, the Italian Cup to be won.

1980, the club was forcibly transferred in the wake of a betting scandal with AC Milan in Serie B until then, the most inglorious chapter in the over one hundred year history. After three seasons, although able to rise again, but in 1985 had to Lazio as Table again the transition to Serie B compete. It was not until the 1988/89 season that Lazio played first class again.

From the season 1992 /93 Lazio but could lay down the top teams in Serie A and the next seasons we never finished worse than fifth. In 1997, the Swede Sven -Goran Eriksson took over as coach at Lazio. His first season, 1997/ 98, although it was concluded from only in seventh place in the table, but was once again the Italian Cup to be won. In addition, Lazio Rome was able to advance in the UEFA Cup to the finals, where the Romans, however, were defeated with 0:3 Inter Milan.

In the 1998/99 season the club spent the enormous sum of 126.4 million euros in new players. Christian Vieri, Marcelo Salas, Sinisa Mihajlovic and Dejan Stankovic were just some of the notable signings this season. The success was the club's management but first right, because with a 2-1 victory over RCD Mallorca won Lazio Europa Cup Winners' Cup in 1998/99, which also means the biggest success of the previous club's history. With a 1-0 win over Champions League winners Manchester United to Lazio also secured the UEFA Super Cup.

After the double consisting of championship and cup in 2000 Lazio came due millionaire player transfers her then club president in financial difficulties, although it was sold at the beginning of the season striker Christian Vieri for a then-record sum of 45 million euros to Inter Milan.

In the 2000 /01 season still 77.7 million euros were invested in new players, including among others, the record transfer fee of 55 million euros for the Argentine Hernan Crespo. Angelo Peruzzi Also, the next few years guarded the gate of Lazio, has been committed in this season. For the season 2001 /02 service providers such as Juan Sebastian Veron, Pavel Nedvěd and Marcelo Salas have been submitted for a total of over 100 million euros, but for an even higher sum new players were signed Jaap Stam for nearly 26 million euros, Stefano Fiore for 25 million euro and the Spanish club Valencia CF midfielder Gaizka Mendieta for 48 million euros. Mendieta, however, could not fulfill the set up to expectations and never really found his form.

Over the years, the two Romans football clubs AS Roma and Lazio have driven their rivalry and the quest for supremacy in the city with a more expensive player purchases to the brink of ruin. Back in 2002 /03 the club was forced by the massive debt, important players for sale: Alessandro Nesta for 30 million euros for AC Milan and Hernán Crespo for 36 million euros to Inter Milan. Nevertheless, the Italian Cup was in 2003/ 04 once again be won. But in 2004 /05 had to Jaap Stam ( 10.5 million euros, AC Milan) and Stefano Fiore (17 million euros, FC Valencia) more key players will be sold.

As Juventus was involved in the match-fixing scandal in Serie A round Luciano Moggi and Lazio, who became known in 2006. As punishment, the relegation to Serie B ( second highest division) and the withdrawal of seven points for the season 2006/ 07 was imposed against Lazio at first. Lazio went against this judgment twice successfully in revision: In the first revision of the judgment relegation was cushioned in a 11-point deduction in the second sentence these eleven points were again reduced to three points.

From a sporting perspective, the last years for Lazio were a continual ascents and descents: The 2006/07 season, it was concluded despite deduction of points from in third place and reached the Champions League qualifiers. In this Lazio could prevail against Dinamo Bucharest, and thus qualify for the main competition, in which one behind Real Madrid, Olympiakos Piraeus and Werder Bremen but only Group Last was. In the league it was in the following years also relatively disappointing and Lazio never got beyond a place in mid-table. With a victory on penalties over Sampdoria in 2009 but was the fifth time the Italian Cup be won.

The seasons 2010/11 and 2011/12 we completed in fifth or fourth - what each entitled to participate in the UEFA Europa League. 2012/13 Lazio won with a final win over AS Roma Italian Cup for the sixth time.

Lazio and his fans

Parts of the followers of Lazio ( Curva Nord) are very violent and set equally racist, fascist and national socialist. In home games, especially local derbies against the Roma, it occurred in the past on several occasions to serious violent clashes. Lazio was on numerous occasions with room locks or playing punished by the Italian Association therefore closed to the public. Another problem posed to its resolution, the Ultra grouping Irriducibili Lazio, who openly confessed to fascism and accordingly acted racist and anti-Semitic. So at home as well as away games were seen with the swastika or other Nazi symbols often Flags. The group lost mainly through their extensive commercial activities such as the sale of a wide range of merchandise, increasing the retention within the curve. The leadership moved to the nationwide reputation Banda Noantri.

Current squad 2013/14 season

As of February 24, 2014


A- Team


  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 1999
  • European Super Cup: 1999
  • Alps Cup: 1971


  • Italian Championship: 1974, 2000
  • Italian Cup Winners' Cup: 1958, 1997/98, 1999/2000, 2003/ 04, 2008/ 09, 2012/13
  • Italian Soccer Super Cup Winner: 1998, 2000, 2009
  • Italian Serie B Championship: 1969

Youth team


  • Campionato Primavera: 1976, 1987, 1995, 2001, 2013
  • Coppa Italia Primavera: 1979

Individual successes (selection)

Italian Footballer of the Year ( 4)

  • Guerin d' Oro ( 2) 1993 Italy Giuseppe Signori
  • 1999 Argentina Matías Almeyda

Italy coach of the year ( 1)

  • 2000 Swede Sven -Goran Eriksson


Italian Championship ( 8)

Italian Cup ( 5)

Former Players

  • Italy Piero Pastore
  • Italy Angelo Peruzzi
  • Italy Felice Piccolo
  • Italy Silvio Piola
  • Denmark Karl Aage Præst
  • Italy Fabrizio Ravanelli
  • Luciano Re Cecconi Italy
  • Germany Karl -Heinz Riedle
  • Chile Marcelo Salas
  • Sweden Arne Selmosson
  • Argentina Roberto Néstor Sensini
  • Italy Giuseppe Signori
  • Argentina Diego Simeone
  • Argentina Rubén Sosa Ardáiz
  • Netherlands Jaap Stam
  • Serbia Dejan Stanković
  • Argentina Pedro Troglio
  • Argentina Juan Sebastian Veron
  • Italy Christian Vieri

Top 10 by appearances and goals

(As of May 9, 2013, are given in all required games)

Coach History


The hockey men's team of Lazio won in the 2004/05 season the Italian championship on the field, as well as 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006 the Italian Cup.