Defender (association football)

Defence players are those players on a team that should prevent the opponent to score a goal. They are the closest to his own goal fielder and are mostly located in front of the goalkeeper. Synonymous with the term defense is often used.


In football, the position of the defensive player is again divided into the full-back and center-back in the modern gaming systems, with central defender playing on the outer positions in front of the gate, full-back. The modern zone defense requires of the defending players a greater understanding of the game than the man coverage that was until the early 1990s, still practiced, some even later. The modern defender must support the offensive in addition to those on the defensive, so endorse and initiate attacks. Especially at set-pieces take on the task of defenders to score goals. In particular, the full-backs are also important for the offensive in modern gaming systems. They should always be switched back to the attacking play, score goals or at least prepare.

The positions in defense of recent game systems are the man of the Deckers, Vorst Oppers and the libero, with only the Libero actively supported the build-up play and the man-marker should be pure " destroyer" of enemy attacks.


The defending players in handball have it, best not to do depending on the design of the opposing team attack and defense concept of the defending team with a solid opponent. For each of concept, such as locks, crosses, " On gap and further," the arrival and of course combinations thereof, there are one or more defense variants, which can vary from game to game and also during a game. Essential for the inevitable passing and Apply attack players between two or more defensive players are solid agreements before the game and appropriate - usually loud commands - during the game, will react with those on the corresponding actions of the attacking player.

In their defense actions, it is the defensive players allowed per rules to accompany the respective opponent from the front with your arms bent, out to play the ball with the flat of his hand or block walkways of the attacker with her body, distinguishing whether the defender their actions identifiable as use to win the ball or merely to prevent the attack player at throw or play. What is interpreted by the referee in practice than just regular defensive behavior depends largely on the league and the individual skill level of the teams. It is often only then decided to tackle when the attacker is no longer able to control to throw or pass. If he succeeds in distress by the defender, usually takes the advantage rule or only hard passing of Defense progressive ( additional) will be punished.

Table tennis

Also, table tennis, there are defensive players. This rarely or never attack, but try with perennial and accurate defense to wear down the enemy attacks them and force them into mistakes. Defender try today mostly with the modern defense returning the ball with backspin and later against catch up with topspin or sidespin ( pimples ), or to score points with balloon defense (only if necessary ). Rare are the so-called block players who play close to the table and the ball without a cut, sometimes with, sometimes without return rate. But even these players come in lower circuit levels. Defender had only a very short time the kings under the table tennis players, namely until a native of Sweden, Jan- Ove Waldner revolutionized the attack game and made competitive. Not only because he is now regarded as table tennis legend and table tennis nation, even in China, par excellence, revered.

In recent years, the defensive game has been increasingly restricted and difficult. Today's attack players get better and better and faster bases. Today's defense is affected by the two-color rule, the magnification of the ball ( from 38 to 40 mm in diameter), the Verniedrigung of the network and, more recently, by the banning of frictionless pimples forever. Therefore, more and less pure defensive player in professional table tennis occur. A major exception is the top player Jo Se - Hyuk, who is also at the present time nor defense game in the top 20 in the world rankings


Even in hockey is to prevent the main task of defense, gates of the enemy. There usually are two defensive players per team on the ice. If a team plays in the majority, puts the defense (also: Defense) in the attacking zone at the blue line. In this case, is defined as the defender as a blueliner. Your job is then obtaining of hits from the second row and passes in front of the door as a template for the offensive player. In a 4:5 outnumbered usually run even two defenders at a 3:5 outnumbered only one on.

There is also an ice hockey called Stay-At -Home - defender whose job is mainly in the defensive work in front of his own goal and remain with attacks of their own team, to hedge behind the attackers, long in his own half. Often defender robust and get more penalty time as their offensive teammates, as they have to prevent high-stakes an enemy hit.

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