2010–11 Serie A

The Serie A 2010/11 was the 79th season in the top Italian football league of gentlemen. It started on 29 August 2010 and ended on 22 May 2011 with the handover of the Scudetto, the Italian championship trophy. As masters started defending champions Inter Milan in the season, the U.S. Lecce, Cesena and Brescia Calcio secured promotion to the top division and replaced the three relegated Siena, Livorno and Atalanta Bergamo.

A total of 20 teams participated in the championship, 17 of which already in the last season played in Serie A.


Final Table

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The cross table presents the results of all games this season represents the home team is listed in the left column, the visiting team on the top line.

Champion team

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Ronaldinho ( 11 / -) left the club in January 2011

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Viewers table

On a national level within Italy Inter Milan, with a total audience of 1,130,191 people in nineteen home games in front of what constitutes an average attendance of 59 484 spectators per game. Second city rivals AC Milan to find the Italian football champions of 2010/11 attracted 53 916 people on average in the domestic Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. In third place is Napoli who could mobilize an average of 45 257 people to pursue the home games at the Stadio San Paolo. Overall, however, a further decline in viewership in Serie A is noted in the previous season 2009/10 9,607,334 people visited the top-flight, which meant a decline of about five hundred thousand spectators. Many stages of the Serie A could not even have an occupancy rate of fifty per cent, in Lecce, for example, visited an average of only 9,516 spectators, the games at the Stadio Via del Mare, which is designed for 33 876 spectators actually. This just corresponds to an occupancy rate of thirty percent. The situation is similar also in Bari, Udine and Verona was.

At the continental level, the Italian Elite League was like in the years before to fourth behind the other three major leagues. At the head of this table, the German Bundesliga is with an average attendance of 42 663 stadium guests per game, with an associated margin of seven thousand people on average before the Premier League is present. The Serie A is División in fourth place behind the Spanish Primera, each game more attracted an average of four thousand spectators as the series A.