2010–11 Cypriot First Division

The First Division 2010/11, from sponsors reasons Marfin Laiki League also called, was the 73rd season of the highest Cypriot league in men's football. It began on 27 August 2010 and ended on May 14, 2011. The championship winning record champions APOEL Nicosia with 11 points ahead of the runner-up and defending champion Omonia Nicosia.

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First round

In the first round of the season 14 teams were playing for the rankings, after which the teams will be divided in the second half of the season into three groups of four teams. The two last-place teams, however, rise immediately after the first round of the Second Division. The Games were held between 27 August 2010 and 10 March 2011.

The top four teams reach the championship round, the teams in ninth to twelve play against relegation. The middle group between merely carries out placement games. It should be noted that in each group each score obtained from the 26 matches of the preliminary round is transmitted, so that the respective second round, depending on the table situation can partly cause only minor changes.

For equal scores in contrast is most leagues (as well as the German Bundesliga) for placing first direct comparison decisive, only then the goal difference.

Final Table

Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all preliminary round matches represents the home team is listed in the middle column, the visiting team on the top line.

Second Round

Championship round

The top four clubs in the first round to reach the championship round in which it is adjacent to the championship in the international courts in the European Cup.

The champion and the participation in the Champions League secured APOEL Nicosia, last year's winner Omonia Nicosia, Anorthosis Famagusta and Larnaca AEK qualified for the Europa League

Final Table

Cross Table

Placement Round

The clubs, which in places five to eight completed the first round, contributed in the second round of games still to determine the final placement. However, both the qualification for an international competition, and the descent into the Second Division was no longer possible.

Final Table

Cross Table

Relegation round

After the first lap two relegated identified in the Second Division, played the four participating clubs in the relegation round the third relegated from each other. Finally, AE Paphos had

Final Table

Cross Table

Top scorers