AEP Paphos F.C.

The AE Paphos is a Cypriot football club from the town of Paphos. It was formed in 2000 from the merger of the two clubs in the city, APOP and Evagoras. The merger was consummated on economic grounds, as it was two clubs financially poor.


The club was formed in 2000 from the two local football clubs APOP and Evagoras. In addition to economic reasons, was also crucial that in Paphos no permanent club was represented in the premier league and the fans felt the need to constantly see major league football. The two original clubs were so-called " lift teams " that is, they played sometimes in the top league, sometimes in the second. At the time of the merger APOP played in the first, Evagoras in the second Cypriot league.

The new club played until 2005 in the first division, then dismounted but. But in the year in the second division the new club achieved his biggest success by reaching the semi-finals of the Cypriot Cup ( APOP this succeeded twice). The semi-final matches against AEK Larnaca went from 1:1 to 0:0, with which they were eliminated. In the same year they won the second division, going up, but after a bad season again. By winning the championship in 2008 they managed to rise again, but hopes to have a permanent club in the first division, and the new club did not meet. The 2009/10 season they finished in 10th position.

Four years after the last climb, succeeded in the 2011/12 season once again made ​​it into the premier league. The hopes after the 2012/13 season to continue to play first-class, but are not particularly large.


The home games of the association will be held in Pafiako Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in Paphos. It offers 11,000 spectators and in 1992 was the venue for three games of the U-16 European Championships.

In addition to the football team, the club also maintains a youth academy that trains children from the age of 12.

Club colors and club crest

The club colors are blue and white, colors that already carried the predecessor clubs. The coat of arms was formed from the two arms of the origin clubs. It shows blue lines with the image of Evagoras Pallikarides in a circle in the middle. He was a resident of Paphos, who fought for the independence of Cyprus and was executed by the British colonial power and the namesake of Evagoras FC.


  • Master of the Cypriot second division: 2006, 2008