1985–86 Serie A

The Serie A 1985/86 was the 53rd season of the Italian Football League Serie A. It started the season on September 8, 1985. Promoted as Pisa SC, U.S. Lecce and AS Bari came from Serie B to do so. The season as champion finished Juventus and thus became the successor of Hellas Verona. The qualification for the European Cup of Champions managed Juventus. For the UEFA Cup, the Napoli, Fiorentina, Torino Calcio and Inter Milan qualified. About the Coppa Italia, the AS Roma secured the participation in the European Cup Winners' Cup the following year. Relegated to the B series had to Pisa, Lecce and Bari.

1985/86 season

Final Table

Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all games this season represents the home team is listed in the left column, the visiting team on the top line.

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Champion team

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