Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni in 2013

Giovanni Trapattoni ( "Trap " ) ( born March 17, 1939 in Cusano Milanino near Milan, Italy ) is a retired Italian footballer and current coach. He is currently in charge of the football team of the Vatican City.

Trapattoni had been active as a player from 1953 to 1970 for 17 years for AC Milan and won with him twice, the European Champions Cup and the Cup Winners' Cup. As a coach, he was after the beginning of his career at his old home club especially with Juventus in a 10 -year-long tenure successfully and won in addition to the World Cup every three European Cups once each, the UEFA Cup even twice and again later with Inter Milan. As a player and coach him get eight large European Cup triumphs and nine Italian championship. There are also three national championships in Germany, Portugal and Austria. With more than 20 titles Trapattoni is one of the most successful coaches worldwide. Due to its earlier blond hair and his sober tactics it is called in Italy Il Tedesco ( the German ); be courteous demeanor earned him the nickname Maestro.

  • 4.1 As a player (all AC Milan )
  • 4.2 As a coach

Playing career

As a professional footballer Giovanni Trapattoni played 367 games for AC Milan and Varese FC. He usually played as an external rotor. His original club was Milan, for whom he played from 1953 to 1970. 1962 and 1968, Trapattoni was Italian champion in 1967 Cup winner Italy. In 1963 and 1969, he won the European Champions Cup and the 1968 European Cup Winners' Cup. From 1970 to 1971 he played for FC Varese.

Overall, Trapattoni was 17 times in the jersey of the Italian national team on the court, but he scored one goal (as he 's 1-0 victory against Austria on 9 June 1963 in Vienna in the 57th minute the Austrian goalkeeper Gernot Fraydl with a " torn " edge surprised ). He participated in the 1962 World Cup and the Summer Olympics in 1960.

Coaching career

Italian clubs

Its by far the most successful stations had Trapattoni in Italy. 1972 Giovanni Trapattoni began as a youth coach at AC Milan. In 1974 he became head coach. He lost his first European Cup final against the German team 1 FC Magdeburg 0:2. In 1976 he moved to Juventus. With Juventus he won, among others, the 1985 European Champion Clubs 'Cup and the European Super Cup, the 1977 UEFA Cup and 1984 European Cup Winners' Cup, also equal to six times the Italian championship.

In 1986, Trapattoni went to Inter Milan. In 1989 he was with the team in which, inter alia, the two German player Lothar Matthäus and Andreas Brehme were under contract by Italian masters and Italian Supercup winner, 1991, he won, with the now third German player and world champion, Jürgen Klinsmann, the UEFA Cup.

In 1991, Trapattoni again to Juventus, where he was the third time won the UEFA Cup in 1993.

Twice Bayern Munich and once Cagliari

1994 Giovanni Trapattoni first went abroad and became coach of FC Bayern Munich. After a year he moved to Cagliari Calcio, where he was dismissed in the same season for the first time in his career.

For the 1996/97 season he returned to Bayern Munich. There, he won the German championship once each, the DFB Cup 1998 and the DFB Liga - Pokal.

Fiorentina and Italian National Team

In 1998, Trapattoni took over the coaching job at Fiorentina. Following the resignation of Dino Zoff in 2000 he was his successor as Italy coach.

With the national Trapattoni had no luck: He retired at the 2002 World Cup in the second round against South Korea. Referee Byron Moreno made ​​with glaring mistakes for the resignation of the Italians. Immediately after the game, he has been banned by FIFA. Currently he is serving a multi-year prison sentence for smuggling heroin into the United States. At Euro 2004, they already retired from in the first round. Italy could only reach the next round when it was victorious in his last game itself, which was done, and Denmark and Sweden did not separate 2:2. In the 90th minute the Danish goalkeeper underwent a stark goalkeeper error and the game ended 2-2. The Danish coach Morten Olsen utterance ( "Of course we make a deal. " ) Made in Italy for excitement. Then Trapattoni's contract was not renewed.

Benfica, VfB Stuttgart and RB Salzburg

2004 moved Trapattoni to Benfica in Portugal, where he succeeded José Antonio Camacho. In the season 2004/ 05 the Italian won the Portuguese Cup with Benfica. To continue to be closer to his family in Italy, Trapattoni left the Portuguese champions after a year.

On 17 June 2005 he signed a two -year contract with VfB Stuttgart. There he came into effect on 1 July 2005, the successor of Matthias Sammer and was released on 9 February 2006.

In May 2006, Giovanni Trapattoni has signed a contract as head coach of the Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg. At his side was working Lothar Matthäus, who was released on 12 June 2007 due to " differences of opinion " by the Board.

Irish national

Since June 2008, Trapattoni coached the Irish national team. With Ireland he failed unlucky in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers in the playoffs by an irregular gate to France - Thierry Henry had repeatedly played the ball with his hand. In the playoffs for Euro 2012, the Irish team, however, was successful and qualified for the first time since 1988, again for the finals. Trapattoni then extended his expired contract until the 2014 World Cup. With the first game of the Irish at Euro 2012 against Croatia, which was lost 1:3, Trapattoni Otto Barić has served as the oldest coach on at a European Championship finals. After three defeats in the group stage Ireland was eliminated. On September 11, 2013, the Irish Association and Trapattoni agreed to terminate the contract after qualifying for the 2014 World Cup had only been possible in theory nor in Brazil.

Football team of the Vatican City

Since October 2010, Giovanni Trapattoni serves as a football coach the football team of the Vatican City.

"I have done! "

In Germany Giovanni Trapattoni is mainly associated with a on 10 March 1998, two days after a 0-1 defeat against FC Schalke 04, hold press conference. As a coach of Bayern Munich, he criticized - grammatically incorrect but extremely emotional - the performance of some players, especially Mehmet Scholl and Mario Basler. Expenses incurred during the heated, three and a half minute speech, sentence constructs ( " What empowers Strunz ," " ... ware ' weak like a bottle empty" and " I have done" ) found their way into the German language; in particular the final sentence "I 've finished " became a household word. This quoted, for example, the SPD on a poster for the deselection of Helmut Kohl.

( " Not empty bottle ... " ), such as an advertising star for a bubbler system - The outburst earned him so much sympathy one that he now so still can make money.

During his time in Salzburg, it came back at a mind outbreak. After his training methods of journalists had been called old-fashioned and his system as too defensive, he made his displeasure, criticizing that the journalists were not competent enough to judge this: "Words are very simple. Who can make. Those who can not do, talk. Those who can not speak, to write ".


As a player (all AC Milan )

  • World Cup: 1969
  • European Champion Clubs' Cup: 1962 /63 1968/69
  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 1967/68
  • Italian Championship: 1961 /62 1967/68
  • Italian Cup: 1966/67,

As a coach

  • World Cup: 1985 ( Juventus Turin)
  • European Champion Clubs' Cup: 1984 /85 ( Juventus Turin)
  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 1983 /84 ( Juventus Turin)
  • UEFA Cup: 1976 /77 ( Juventus ), 1990 /91 ( Inter Milan ), 1992 /93 ( Juventus Turin)
  • European Supercup: 1984 (Juventus Turin)
  • Nations Cup (Football ): 2011 ( Irish national )
  • Italian Championship: 1976/77 1977 /78 1980/81 1981 /82 1983/84 and 1985 /86 ( Juventus ), 1988 /89 ( Inter Milan )
  • Italian Cup: 1978/79 and 1982 /83 ( Juventus Turin)
  • Italian Super Cup: 1989 ( Inter Milan )
  • German Cup: 1996 /97 ( FC Bayern München )
  • DFB Cup: 1997 /98 ( FC Bayern München )
  • League DFB Cup: 1997 ( FC Bayern München )
  • Portuguese Cup: 2004/ 05 ( Benfica )
  • Austrian Championship: 2006/ 07 ( FC Red Bull Salzburg)