Ferruccio Novo

Ferruccio Novo ( born March 22, 1897 in Turin, † April 8, 1974 in Laigueglia ) was an Italian football coach and functionary who worked as president of AC Torino as well as coach of the Italian national football team during his career.


Ferruccio Novo began his career in 1939 when he was appointed the successor of the engineer Giovanni Battista Cuniberti for president of the football club AC Torino. During his 14 years of presidency in Torino, he built up a competitive and nearly unbeatable team that due to its many successes as Grande Torino was known. One of the most important obligations was there the winger Romeo Menti, which he took in 1941 from the AC Fiorentina. Furthermore, he took among other things the defender Aldo Ballarin, midfielder Ezio Loik and the attacker Valentino Mazzola under contract.

With that powerful team, the Italian Cup was won 1943-1949 five times in a row. 1949 this team was almost completely wiped out in a plane crash, which became known as the tragedy of Superga in the story. Only the defender Sauro Toma, who had the flight not started due to an injury, survived.

During his time at Torino Novo took over on 27 February 1949, the national team of Italy, which he led to the World Cup 1950. The team was automatically qualified as defending champions for the tournament. In the squad he called among other things, the goalkeeper Lucidio Sentimenti, the defender Osvaldo Fattori, the midfielder and Carlo Parola Carlo Annovazzi and the striker Giampiero Boniperti.

The tournament was a disappointment for Italy, the first match against Sweden ended in defeat, following the victory over Paraguay brought the Italians into the next round, as the Swedes gained the required point for a place in the next round in the game against Paraguay. Novo was then relieved and discharged his duties.


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