Serie B

The series B (because the main sponsor Eurobet Eurobet series B ) is the second highest league in many Italian sports leagues. There are a series B, for example, in volleyball. Synonymous exists in some sports as a series A2 (eg, ice hockey). Outside Italy is so in most cases, the second Italian professional football league meant.


The Series B is the second highest Italian Football League since 2004 and consists of 22 teams. The official name is " Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B TIM". The championship, as the Serie A, Lega Nazionale Professionisti the (Italian National Professional Football League ), a sub- Organistation the Italian Football Federation Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC ) aligned.

The teams that finish the season after 42 match days on the first two places, rise directly to Serie A, the third - to sixth-placed play among themselves a third climber in a simple knockout tournament (play- off) from. A special case occurs if the period between the third and fourth place at the end of season ten or more points. Such event, no play-offs will take place and third place comes right on; as happened in the season 2006/07.

Moreover, since 2007, the first place winner will be awarded with a trophy in recognition.

The last three teams with direct access into the two groups of Lega Pro Prima Divisione from ( to 2008 Serie C1 ). The fourth and fifth last play by play-out to avoid relegation.

Furthermore, assume all teams in the Serie B in the Italian Cup, the Coppa Italia, part.

Game day, to the chagrin of fans ( in Italy, Saturday is often a normal working day ), basically Saturday afternoon. Two matches will be played on Friday night. In games the national team as well as pauses the series The Round is then brought forward to Wednesday or Thursday.

Beginning of the season is early September, usually a week before the start of the Serie A season and ends in early June. After the first round, which ends in December, begins after a short winter break, the second half. Beginning of the season is traditionally the 6th of January. Each team will play during the season twice against every other team in the league, once each home stadium and once away, in the venue of the opponent.

" Eternal " Table of Series B

In the " eternal " Table of the Italian Serie B championship all results are included since the establishment of series B in the game year 1929/1930. So far, 77 game season were conducted in which 133 different clubs have participated.

The points classification is led by Brescia (51 appearances / 2,779 points ), followed by Hellas Verona (50/ 2564 ) and the FC Modena (42/ 2082 ).

If the rating made ​​by the average of the points gained, so here is Juventus with 2.24 points per game ahead, followed by Roma (1.97 ) and AC Milan (1.86 ).

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Champion and relegated

Most championship title, the Genoa exhibit, which ended the championship six times on the first place with 33 participants. This is followed with four title wins the Torino (9 appearances ), Atalanta (26 appearances ) and Palermo (41). The AS Bari (38 ) was also four times on the first place, one of which, however, only winners and losers of the qualification for promotion.

Each had eight times the AC Prato (with only 10 appearances ), take Taranto Sport ( 32) and the Reggiana (35 ) the way of the B series in the C series. They are followed, each with seven descents of U.S. Cremonese ( 27) and the AC Monza Brianza ( 38).


In the 2004/05 season saw 3,121,666 visitors the 439 games. This means that an average of 7,111 visitors visited Serie B game. Compared to the numbers from previous years, this represents a slight increase, which is still far below the average of previous years. Also one can not speak of declining interest: The Series B is far more than the Serie A league with gespaltetem interest. In general, playing in Serie B a few clubs with great tradition, attract the correspondingly large crowds and otherwise many small teams that rose from the lower leagues. Especially the increase in Serie A to 20 clubs, but had the consequence that now just in Serie A play some teams with high visitor numbers (U.S. Palermo, Fiorentina). Due to the rise of SSC Napoli and Genoa (both per 20,000 people on average in Serie C1 and C2, respectively ) as well as the relegation of Juventus was for the 2006/07 season to expect a further increase of interest.

In the B Series an enhanced price increase was also observed in the recent years. Unlike in the Serie A, the prices have remained constant since 1991, however.