Montenegrin Second League

The Crnogorska Druga Liga ( Друга црногорска лига ) is the second highest league in the Montenegrin senior football.


The league consists of 12 teams. The winners of each championship will be directly qualified for participation in the Prva Crnogorska League ( top division ) in the next season. The clubs at number two and three each play against second-bottom and third from bottom of the First Division for a place in the Prva Crnogorska league. The two most ill-placed teams are relegated directly from the each one of the three regional leagues. The masters of the regional leagues playing in a relegation tournament for the two vacant places in the second division.

Teams 2013/14

  • FK Kom Podgorica - Podgorica
  • FK Berane - Berane
  • FK Bratstvo Cijevna - Cijevna, Podgorica
  • FK Cetinje - Cetinje
  • OFK Igalo - Igalo
  • FK Bokelj Kotor - Kotor
  • FK Jezero Plav - Plav
  • FK Ibar Rožaje - Rožaje
  • FK Zora Spuž - Spuž
  • FK Arsenal Tivat - Tivat
  • FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje - Bijelo Polje
  • FK Zabjelo - Zabjelo, Podgorica

Previous champions