Danilovgrad (Cyrillic Даниловград; German outdated dome Nitsch ) is a small town in the center of Montenegro. It is in the vast and fertile valley of the Zeta River, about halfway between Nikšić and Podgorica. The town has 5,208 inhabitants (2003 ) and event center is a large village ( Opština ) with 16,523 citizens.

About 15 km towards Nikšić is the most important Serbian- Montenegrin Orthodox monastery of Ostrog, which is visited by thousands and not only Orthodox believers.

Danilovgrad was founded in 1870 by Prince Nikola I of Montenegro. The newly erected here Zeta bridge should ensure a firm connection between the old Montenegro and the Highlands. By freeing the cities Nikšić and Podgorica, Montenegro who came in 1878 and presented as a more populous centers of the new foundation in the shade, Danilovgrad never achieved greater significance. Was named the place after Nikolas predecessor Danilo of Montenegro, who had adopted the plan for the establishment of the city.


At the 2011 census the municipality had 18,472 Danilovgrad inhabitants, of whom described themselves 11,857 ( 64.19 %) and Montenegrins and 5,001 ( 27.07% ) than Serbs. Besides living in the community are other smaller groups.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Borislav Jovanović ( born 1941 ), writer