Vehicle registration plates of Montenegro

A separate Montenegrin license plate system was introduced on June 6, 2008, two years after independence. The signs correspond in their dimensions to the European standard (520 × 110 mm) and point at the left edge a blue box with the distinguishing signs of MNE Montenegro. The coinage begins with two letters that encode the region, followed by the coat of arms of Montenegro. Furthermore, again followed by two letters and three ( two-wheelers: two) digits. Bikes have scaled down accordingly signs. For trailers, the numbers are placed before the two serial letters.


There is also the possibility to get a vanity plate, in which the characters after the coat of arms can be chosen freely. Indicator police have blue font and begin with the letter P followed by the coat of arms and the Region Codes. The sign ends with a three-digit number. Agricultural vehicles are getting green plate with white letters. Distinguishing marks were taken for vehicles with unusual dimensions from the Yugoslav and Serbian system. Such signs show white letters on a red background. License plates of the armed forces show green label and begin V.

Temporary license plates facing the coat of arms the letters RP on each other and one also over each other standing year. The sign concludes with three digits.

Diplomatic plates are provided with a yellow font on a white background. First, a maximum of three digits encode the country of origin or the organization before a letter indicates the diplomatic status. The sign ends with a three -digit number. Signs for foreign companies and press agencies follow a similar structure, but have black font color and show at the beginning but additionally the region code on each other standing.

Before independence

See: License Plate ( Serbia)

Until 1992, Montenegro was part of SFR Yugoslavia, on whose designation system today Region Codes are still based. Between 1992 and 2006, Montenegro was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and of Serbia and Montenegro from 2003 and led the corresponding Yugoslav or Serb- Montenegrin flag. By 2008, you could assign the license plate of the now independent states of Serbia and Montenegro practically only on the basis of letters of authorization district one of the two countries. Since the signs were relatively short, a blue field with the national flag and / or the national emblem of the country was mostly left of the license plate supplemented. After independence, also appeared the letters MNE or CG for Crna Gora next to the signs in Montenegro. However, this was just like the display of flag or coat of arms is not mandatory. 2008 finally received all new vehicles registered mark.

Registration districts

In the old Yugoslav system, there are eleven Montenegrin registration districts. Some registration districts have different names than at the time of the SFR Yugoslavia, so that the symbol of this approval districts were changed for license plate today. Shortcuts that are no longer used today, but may appear in older models, are printed in italics in the following tables.

With the introduction of new number plates, the list was expanded to nine other shortcuts 2008. In order that each community has its own license plate Montenegro shortcuts.