Vehicle registration plates of Finland

Finnish license plates are insurance plate and give since October 1989 no information about the origin of the vehicle. The signs correspond with 118 mm × 442 mm or 200 mm × 256 mm for couplet not up to European standard size of 110 mm x 520 mm. On the left side is since 2001 a blue ribbon with the letters FIN and the twelve stars of Europe. The mark consists of an up to three-digit combination of letters and a maximum of three-digit number separated by a dot.

By the year 1973 there were labels with white text on black signs, then the current design with black lettering on a white background was introduced. From 1973 to 1989 coded the first letter of the sign where the vehicle was first registered.

Since 1993, the distinguishing sign for Finland FIN, before that it was SF ( Suomi- Finland).

On the Åland Islands, there are special license plates that begin with ÅL. Åland is used pursuant to a decision of the Åland Government of 19 March 2010, the nationality code AX.

The letter combination of signs for trailer begins with P or W.

Export license plate show a letter and a maximum of three digits. On the right side there is a red box with the dates.

Flag for historic vehicles are inspired by the appearance of the old Finnish flag. Your base is black, the font white.

Diplomatic do not have a euro box. They have white text on a light blue background. The signs show the letters CD or C and a maximum five-digit number whose first two digits specify the country of origin closer.

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Tractors have yellow license plates with black writing. The shield consists of a maximum of three digits and a maximum of three letters.