Vehicle registration plates of Andorra

The current indicator system for motor vehicles in Andorra was introduced on 15 September 1951. It has since been repeatedly modified slightly.

Appearance of the license plate

The hallmarks bear left the coat of arms of the Principality. They have a white background with black numbers and letters:

  • Until about October 1970, there were only up to four digits.
  • Until November 30, 1989 five digits occurred on the newly allocated indicator.
  • Since there are distinctive marks with a letter and four digits.
  • In 1998, the representation of the coat of arms has been changed slightly.
  • 2011, the letter AND were added under the arms and the layout has been revised.

At the bottom is in black, since in blue Principality of ANDORRA (Catalan " Principality of Andorra " ) until 1962.

Diplomatic have blue background and white label. You beginning to show the letters CD. For short-term approvals signs, each with a red square are used at the left and right margins. In the left square, the letters MT for matrícula are temporal, the right shows the validity. The country's name appears in red at the bottom, the coat of arms is missing. For historic vehicles license plate will be issued with black lettering on a red background. Number plates for test drives show a green background, inscription and border are decorated in red color. In addition, the sign showing the inscription PROVA. In addition, be awarded special indicator for snowmobiles and otherwise special vehicles.

Summary tables

Normal series

Features with up to five digits

The label with the number 57439 has been approved as a last purely numeric indicator on 30 November 1989 in Andorra.

Mark with a letter and four digits

License plate for motorcycles

For the motorcycle license plate series were kept ready. In the series with a letter and four digits of the motorcycles the series of H 9501 -H 9800, from 6 September 2006, Series J 0501 -J 0700 and from 11 received, for example from the June 15, 2006 December 2006, the series J 1501 and J in 1700.