Vehicle registration plates of Yugoslavia

In the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1931 new indicator were introduced. They first showed a blue box on the left. There, in red color was the year of admission as well as the encoding of the corresponding part of the country noted (eg 2 for Slovenia and Croatia for 3 ). It was followed by several black numerals on a white background.

During the Second World War different signs were, in part, issued with full city name.

In the early 1950s a new unified designation system was introduced in the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia. The signs had a white background and initially showed a red star. Then a black letter stated the appropriate region in which the vehicle was registered (S = Slovenia, H = Croatia). It also followed a black digit combination.

In 1961, a new change in the system. The indicator now began with a regional code of two letters, which stated the exact origin of the vehicle. This was followed by a red star and a maximum of six digits, divided by a short dash into two groups. There thus arose the following combinations: AB 12-34, AB AB 123-45 and 123-456. For the coding of the region and the letters Č, Š and Ž were used.

For trailers, the construction of the shield was mirrored, ie: The region code found here at the end of the shield.

Diplomatic had a black background and yellow inscription. At the left edge of the region was given to two one above the other letters. Vehicles with exceptional dimensions were given red flag with white letters. Temporary valid license plates showed the letters RP ( Registrovano Privremeno ) and a vertical red band with the year. For agricultural vehicles green indicator were issued.

After the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia, the former republics led own indicator systems, which initially oriented still strong at gesamtjugoslawischen system, but later learned more and more changes. The Regional shortcuts are largely reproduced. During the Yugoslav wars partly own license plate issued in occupied territories. This happened for example in the Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia. The newly created Federal Republic of Yugoslavia led the old system first on. Until the introduction of new signs in early 2011 the Yugoslav system was used with slight modifications only in Serbia.

Overview of the successor states


The list contains the abbreviations of gesamtjugoslawischen indicator system until 1991.