Vehicle registration plates of Italy

Italian license plate can be divided into two basic systems. Up to the conversion in 1994, the origin could be read off directly, which is only possible with the new system. Although since the conversion is already passed some time, still can find old signs in traffic. In both systems, the front plate is less than the rear.

Car license plate


The marks usually start with two letters indicating the province. An exception is the province of the capital city of Rome, whose name is written out (Roma). Following the province shortcuts there is a symbol of the Italian State, from 1948, the National stylized coat of arms with the letters RI Repubblica Italiana for. The following is a distinguishing number. By 1985, the letters were white ( province abbreviations orange) and the basic black. However, these were discontinued because the plastic signs were similar and in case of accidents, vandalism, attacks burned beyond recognition. After reflecting number plates were introduced in aluminum plate with a white background and black letters. The output principle was retained.

Since 1994

In 1994, the system was replaced by a national system in which the regional origin is no longer recognizable; Instead, the letter combination was consecutively, beginning with " AA 000 AA " assigned. The letters I, O, Q and U are, however, not used. Since the introduction of the Euro plate (from BB 000 HH) in 1999, there is again the possibility to classify vehicles regionally. In addition to the Euro band ( European flag and nationality mark I) on the left edge signs, there is another on the right side, where the owner can be noted registration year and province abbreviation, but not necessarily. The autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol as well as the autonomous region of Aosta Valley also carry their coat of arms in the right blue stripes of the flag. In the Euro plate issued since 1999 is the replacement of the province abbreviations that are just stuck in right field, possible, but hardly practiced.

For vehicles at the rear of a two-line indicator need ( SUV, U.S. imports, etc.), the characteristics of ZA 001 AA are provided to ZZ ZZ 999. Trailer use, since March 2013, the series of XA 001 AA to ZZ XZ 999, while the series of YA YZ 999 001 AA to ZZ city and municipal police is used by the.

Two wheeler license plate

The assignment of the motorcycle license plate follows the principle of cars. Prior to 1994, the first two letters (except Roma) gave to the region, it was followed by a distinguishing number. As of 1994, the signs were assigned consecutively. In 1999, one a Euro plate. To set up: Two-line shield; upper row with blue ribbons left and right and two letters; second line of five numbers. For mopeds up to 50 cc existed until October 1993 no registration obligation. Since all vehicles contributed to 50 cc ( mopeds, light tricycles, wheelchairs and others with the license to AM -propelled vehicles) small two-line plate with a total of five letters and cut upper corners. These signs were to the holder, not attached to the vehicle. In July 2004, the system was changed for mopeds ( and similar vehicles) on vehicle- license plate and a new format introduced: almost square, six black numbers / letters in two lines on a white background. In February 2012, ended the transition period in which the old ( small, hexagonal ) plates were allowed to be used.

The province abbreviation





















1 Initial assignment on more than one award 2 second award on more than one award 3 emergency solution: Since all possible combinations were already awarded with a C as the first letter, dodged the abbreviation KR, although the letter K does not appear in the Italian language. KR also stands for the former Greek name of the city: Croton 4 Issued distinctive characters instead of the RM

Trailer license plate

Followers who were admitted prior to March 2013 usually wear in two indicators. Firstly, the letter combination of tractor license plate appears complemented by a red R after the first two characters on the trailer rear. The reason for this repetitive indicator is yellow. In addition, must (usually to the right of the above code) a trailer license plate be attached to the trailer rear. It is white, the red inscription Rimorchio [ rimɔrkjo ] has ( German: trailer) and has a continuous black letter combination on. Since March 2013 trailer with license plates that resemble the normal series indicator in construction. The first letter is an X is always used (eg XB 356 AC).


1984 all diplomatic license plates were changed. The marks are white. At the beginning appear blue letters CC ( Corpo Consolare; Consular Corps ) ( introduced in 1997 ), CD ( Corpo Diplomatico; Diplomatic Corps ) and UNP (United Nations) followed by a maximum of four black -digit serial identification number. In the end, again there are two blue letters that provide information on the appropriate country. Because there is no Euro version for diplomatic license plates, the distinguishing sign of Italy, an I in oval, about the letters appear on the sign in the back third.

AA Albania Albania AC Austria Austria AE Belgium AG Bulgaria AK Czech Republic Czech Republic AM Cyprus Republic of Cyprus AN Danemark Denmark AP Finland Finland AQ France France AR France France AU Germany Germany AV Germany Germany BA former GDR BC United Kingdom United Kingdom BF Slovenia BG Greece Greece BM Ireland Ireland BN Italy Italy BP Serbia Serbia BQ Croatia Croatia BR Luxembourg Luxembourg BS Malta Malta BT Monaco Monaco BV Norway Norway BX Netherlands Netherlands CA Poland Poland CC Portugal CE Romania Romania CG San Marino San Marino CH Spain CM Switzerland Switzerland CN Sweden Sweden CQ Switzerland Switzerland CR Turkey Turkey CX Hungary Hungary DA Russia Russia DC Ukraine Ukraine DD Uzbekistan Uzbekistan DE Vatican City Vatican City DF Estonia Estonia DG Macedonia Macedonia DH Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina DL Armenia Armenia DN Georgia Georgia DP Kazakhstan Kazakhstan DQ Latvia Latvia DR Belarus Belarus DS Lithuania Lithuania DT Moldova Moldova EA Burkina Faso Burkina Faso

EC Uganda Uganda EC Zimbabwe Zimbabwe EM Mauritania Mauritania EN Eritrea Eritrea EP Mali Mali GA Afghanistan Afghanistan GB Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia GC Bangladesh Bangladesh DG Myanmar Myanmar GE Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei GF China People's Republic of China GK Philippines Philippines GL North Korea North Korea GM Korea South Korea GP United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates GQ Philippines Philippines GS Japan Japan GZ Jordan Jordan HA India India HC Indonesia Indonesia HE Iran Iran RF Iraq Iraq HL Israel Israel HP Iraq Iraq HQ Kuwait Kuwait HR Lebanon Lebanon HS Malaysia HT Oman Oman HV Pakistan Pakistan HX Syria Syria LA Sri Lanka Sri Lanka LB Thailand Thailand LE Vietnam LF Yemen Yemen NA Algeria Algeria NC Angola Angola ND Cameroon Cameroon NF Cape Verde Cape Verde NH Republic of Congo Republic of Congo NL Ivory Coast Ivory Coast NM Egypt Egypt NR Ethiopia Ethiopia NT Gabon Gabon NX Ghana Ghana PA Guinea Guinea PB Kenya PC Lesotho Lesotho PD Liberia Liberia PE Libya Libya PL Madagascar Madagascar

PN Morocco Morocco PQ Nigeria Nigeria PS Senegal Senegal PT Sierra Leone Sierra Leone PV Mozambique Mozambique PX Somalia Somalia QA South Africa South Africa QC Sudan Sudan QE Tanzania QG Tunisia Tunisia QL Congo Democratic Republic Democratic Republic of Congo QN Zambia Zambia SA Canada Canada SD Mexico SF United States United States SH United States United States SL United States United States SN United States United States SQ United States United States TA Costa Rica Costa Rica TC Cuba TE Dominican Republic Dominican Republic TF Ecuador Ecuador TH Guatemala Guatemala TL Haiti Haiti TM Honduras Honduras TP Nicaragua Nicaragua TQ Panama Panama TS El Salvador El Salvador UA Argentina Argentina UE Bolivia Bolivia UF Brazil Brazil UH Chile Chile UL Colombia Colombia UN Paraguay Paraguay UP Peru Peru U.S. Uruguay Uruguay UT Venezuela Venezuela VA Argentina Argentina VF Brazil Brazil VL Colombia Colombia VS Uruguay Uruguay XA Sovereign Order of Malta Order of Malta XC, United Nations XD, United Nations XE, United Nations XF, United Nations XG Vatican City Vatican City ZA Australia ZC New Zealand New Zealand

Only for Consular Corps

Special Features

For a number of authorities and other institutions special license plate will be issued. These usually show an abbreviation of the corresponding organization in red letters on the license plate. It follows a serial number, occasionally with coding of the province. For the autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol as well as the autonomous region of Sardinia the hallmarks of regionally based agencies are complemented by an abbreviation in German and Sardinian. So, for example, carries the fire in Bolzano the abbreviation VF FW in red for Italian vigili del Fuoco or fire department.