Vehicle registration plates of Norway

The Norwegian license plates are usually made ​​of black text on a white background. On the left side the signs show a blue bar with the flag of Norway and the distinguishing signs of N. It is followed by two letters and five, and two-wheel trailers with four digits. The letters indicate the region in which the vehicle was first registered. A special feature is that the license plate assigned to the vehicle and not the owner. If a vehicle is sold, the flag remains irrespective of the domicile of the owner to receive. Buys example, a resident of Tromsø a car from Stavanger, it still retains the identifier RE. On request, you can receive the letters of another admissions office at each approval body, but only from the current combination. All the normal number plates ever issued in Norway have full force and effect.

Current System

The current classification system was introduced in 1971 and since then several times changed slightly. Originally a proportional font was used on the signs, which is why even shorter labels exist. This was for example the case when the number 1 occurred more than once. On 1 January 2002, the length of the mark on the European unit measure 510 × 110 mm was adapted and introduced a new monospace font. The layout was ( comparable to the Euro plate ) supplemented the left shield border on November 1, 2006 by a blue bar. In its upper part is the Norwegian flag and including mapped the distinguishing sign of N in white letters. However, it is possible to provide the blue beam by means of white ( Personbil ) or green ( Varebil ) labels which are available on request, in addition to the plate, to adhere. On request flag will be issued without blue bar. Furthermore, the font was changed again, as the old proved to be difficult to read, which led to confusion of letters ( eg, A and R). At the beginning of 2009, production was on a plastic plate, which in contrast to the metal plate do not have raised characters, converted. 2012 they decided to return to the aluminum plate.

Based on the number combination can be seen in which month called the vehicle for EU control, formerly Periodisk Kjøretøykontroll ( comparable to the German main study ), must. It is the last digit for the corresponding month, with two exceptions. The number 7 is for November, there must be no vehicle for EU control in July and in December, and in October the number 0 instead of 10 is provided. Also, is possible to find in Norway by SMS, who is the holder when the vehicle for EU control needs, and whether the annual tax was paid. For this one sends a text message with the symbol REG and the corresponding indicator to the number 2282 and receives data via SMS.


Before a car in Norway may be allowed, called a Engangsavgift must be paid. This is calculated by weight, displacement, power, age and vehicle type and may be more than half of the comparable German market value at normal car. Concessions are in this delivery trucks, buses, caravans and the so-called Varebil ( " Goods Vehicle "; trucks up to 3.5 tonnes with a maximum of three seats and cargo space separated ). To facilitate the distinction normal car latter get a license plate with black lettering and green background. However, this has no effect on the annual road tax; Private individuals can make use of the green flag, which is also often used because of the much lower purchase prices for Varebil. People with permanent residence in Norway it is legally prohibited to drive there cars with foreign registration. The only exceptions are for foreigners with temporary contracts (maximum two years) as well as for professional drivers (shipping, etc.). Exceptions must be requested in advance at the customs for the most part.


In both indicators, a rectangular plaque ( in Norwegian called " oblate " ) was stuck in the past, the year, the color in the order of blue / red / yellow and so on changed and is individually issued to the holder by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in the previous year. This plaque showed not only that the vehicle has passed the technical examination; she testified in particular that also road tax and insurance have been paid properly. On 1 May 2012, the award of the badge was set as automatic number plate recognition systems they had made redundant. The abolition is hoped that a reduction in administrative costs. The use of such inspection stickers had been mailed already to Swedish (2010) and Estonian license plates in favor of electronic recording.

Features variants

Characteristic of the so-called Varebil (see approval) have black inscription on a green background.

Trade plates show a red background color and white letters. They consist of two letters and two digits. The signs are particularly conspicuous by their brevity and the sometimes unusual methods of attachment.

Sample and number plates have black characters on a red background. The signs are made of adhesive film and are decorated in a different font. They show two letters and three digits followed by an indication of the validity of two superimposed standing daily information. A sample license plate costs currently (2012) 250 Norwegian crowns (about 34 euros ) per day of validity.

Number plates for exporting vehicles to show only five black digits on a white background. The mark is limited on both sides by a red bar that indicates the maximum validity (month left, right year ). Export marks are awarded by the Norwegian police. The first digit indicates the place of registration to: 1 = Oslo, Larvik 2 =, 3 = Kristiansand, Stavanger = 4, 5 = Bergen, Trondheim and 6 = 7 = Tromso.

The Norwegian Armed Forces use yellow license plate with black numerals. Military test plate have red font. They are used exclusively by Defense Museum ( Forsvarsmuseet, FMU ) and the Test and Development Division (Test og utvikling, TU).

Vehicles participating in rally events, use black plate with white letters and numbers. Driving on public roads are only permitted when participating in a rally rides to and from the rally as well as to and from organized training. These vehicles are exempt from the enormous registration tax (hence the usage restrictions ).

Vehicles may not be used on public roads, but are still insured and licensed, obtain license plate with black background and yellow inscription. These include, for example, snowmobiles, quads, camping trailer on campgrounds, different types of vehicles at airports, port areas, etc. These vehicles are exempt from road tax and therefore were in the past, no plaques allocated. All vehicles on Spitsbergen also get this type of license plate, as it is exclusively on Spitsbergen private paths / roads. The inscription in this case starts with ZN. Vehicles that are sold from Spitzbergen on the Norwegian mainland, also retain their registration number, but are replaced by the corresponding different-colored flag of the mainland.

Vintage vehicles number plates according to the old scheme before 1971 received (a letter and up to five digits), this also applies if these have been recently imported to Norway.

Vehicles of the Norwegian royal family wear indicator that start with an A.

Norwegian Diplomatic show yellow text on a light blue background. They consist of the letters CD, followed by a five digit number. The first two digits indicate the country of origin. In the meantime, use some diplomatic missions and civilian license plates.

10 United States United States1 11 Argentina Argentina 12 Afghanistan Afghanistan 14 Belgium 15 Brazil Brazil 16 United Kingdom United Kingdom1 17 Bulgaria Bulgaria 18 Philippines Philippines 19 International Barents Secretariat 20 Canada Canada 21 Chile Chile 22 Colombia Colombia 23 Cuba Cuba 24 Costa Rica Costa Rica 25 Algeria Algeria 26 Denmark Denmark 28 Europaische Union European Union 29 Egypt Egypt 30 Ecuador Ecuador 31 Estonia Estonia 33 Finland Finland 34 France France 35 UNDP 37 Greece Greece 40 India India

41 Indonesia 42 Iran Iran 43 Iceland Iceland 44 Israel Israel1 45 Italy Italy 46 Iraq Iraq 47 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 48 Yemen Yemen 49 Serbia Serbia 51 Kazakhstan 52 People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 53 Flag of South Korea South Korea 54 North Korea North Korea 55 Croatia Croatia 56 Morocco Morocco 57 Mexico Mexico 60 The Netherlands The Netherlands 62 Pakistan Pakistan 63 Panama Panama 64 Poland Poland 65 Portugal 66 Palestine National Authority Palestinian Territories 68 Romania Romania 71 Russia Russia

72 Spain 73 Switzerland Switzerland 74 Sweden Sweden 75 South Africa South Africa 76 Thailand Thailand 77 Czech Republic Czech Republic 78 Turkey Turkey 79 former GDR 80 Germany Germany 81 Tunisia Tunisia 82 Ukraine Ukraine 83 Hungary Hungary 86 Venezuela Venezuela 87 Vietnam 88 Macedonia Macedonia 89 Austria Austria 90 Slovakia Slovakia 91 Lithuania Lithuania 92 Guatemala Guatemala 93 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 94 Latvia Latvia 95 Sudan Sudan 96 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 97 Ireland Ireland

1 Since 2001 /02 states use these normal plates from Oslo.

Flags list, this label in Norway

The letters I, M, O, Q, Æ, Ø and Å are not used. The letters G and W, which were not initially in use, are now used in various combinations of letters.

Certain vehicle groups received nationwide by the respective independent abbreviations of registration. These are:

  • CD: Diplomatic
  • EL: vehicles with electric drive
  • GA: vehicles with gas drive
  • HY: Vehicles powered by hydrogen

1 AD, AE, AF and AH were provided for Sarpsborg, but the service there was closed and these letter combinations were transferred Frederikstad. Meanwhile, a new service for Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg was opened in Hafslund. When the plate with five digits, the vehicles in the area Sarpsborg currently receive the letters AE and those in the area Frederikstad the letters AS. Plate with only four digits are currently issued for both areas with the letters AW. 2 Moss has also issued dealer license plate with the letters FN. 3 Mysen has not issued any professional registration with the license plate with the letters FN. The letter combinations FN and the BW were issued after the combination AP. 4 The letter combination EL, which was originally intended for Oslo is now issued for electric vehicles throughout the national territory of Norway. 5 Horten has also issued dealer license plate with the letter combinations LE and LF. 6 Larvik has not issued any professional registration with the license plate with the letters LZ and NA combinations. 7 For Sandefjord next to the letter combination and the combinations FY FZ and NA were originally provided. However, these were now assigned to Larvik. Nevertheless, Sandefjord has issued dealer license plate with these two combinations. 8 NN, NP, NR, NT and NU were provided for Porsgrunn, but the service there was closed and these letter combinations were transferred Skien. The combination of letters NS was not awarded because the National Socialist Party of Norway took advantage of this shortcut. 9 Setesdalen has not issued any professional registration with the license plate with the letters LF. The combination of letters FL was issued after the combination PL. 10 The combination of letters SS was assigned only at the plate with two, three and four digits. Wherein the characteristics of five digits, this is not the case. 11 The letter combinations UG and UW were allocated according to the combination UL. 12 Støren initially issued only indicator with the letters VT. Some characteristics with the combination of VS were issued in 2006. 13 The letter combinations FP, VU and VV were issued in this order on the combination VR. 14 Levanger began with the issuance of the license plate with the letters XL in order to finally begin in the middle of the series with the combination XK. 15 The combination of letters FD was assigned according to the combination YJ. 16 Finnsnes has first prints license plate with the letters IF. A few marks with the combination ZD were issued in November 2001. 17 Tromsø initially issued license plate with the letter combinations from ZE. The combinations ZC, FL and FC were subsequently issued. The combination of FL was released only for professional registration. The letter combination ZN is issued only on the island of Svalbard, but the Dealers characteristic of this combination will be output from Tromsø. 18 Although the tags are listed with the letter combination ZN in Tromsø, they are issued with the exception of trade plates only on the island of Svalbard. Professional registration with this combination are also output in Tromso. 19 The letter combination ZW has been allocated under the combination ZY. 20 Vadsø initially issued license plate with the letter combinations ZP and ZR. The combinations FR and LE were subsequently issued. The combination LE was not released for trade plates.