35 727 ( March 31, 2013 )

Haugesund is a young trading town and municipality on the southwest coast of Norway, with around 35 727 inhabitants (as of March 31, 2013 ). The city is situated on the North Sea coast, approximately midway between Bergen and Stavanger. It is an important shopping and commercial center with a catchment area of about 200,000 people. Haugesund is located on Karmsund, the historic " Nordvegen ", the namesake for Norway. About the Karmsund since 1955 leads the 690 m long Karmsundbrücke in the neighboring commune Karmøy. Haugesund describes himself as a young city in old shell. The name is from Haugen (English: Hill ) together and Sund (English Strait ).

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The municipality borders the neighboring municipalities Haugesund Karmøy the south and west, to the north and to the east by Sveio Tysvær. The highest point in the municipality is the Klauv ( German: claw ) moh 246. in the north of the municipality. The community is divided over the mainland, as well as several islands. Risøy and Hasseløy are accessible by bridges, Røvær, Vibrandsøy and others are accessible only by boat.


Haugesund emerged as a transshipment point and post office for seafaring and fishing at the time of booming herring fishing late 19th century. The town received its town charter in 1854. The coat of arms shows three seagulls on a blue background, reflecting the history and geographical location resist.

When King Harald Harald Haugen Hårfagre ( Harald I Fairhair called ) the legend should be after buried. A 1872 of granite obelisk erected with 29 smaller monuments from 29 regions of the country is reminiscent of the Empire 872 and the empire founder Harald Fairhair. Nearby, at an old Thing - site in Krosshaugen, there is a stone cross from the Christianisierungszeit to the year 1000.

Haugesund was Hurtigruten port of 1896 until 1919.

Population Development


Mayor ( Ordfører ) from Haugesund is Petter Steen Jr. of the right-wing party ( Høyre ). The right-wing party received in the 2011 elections 38.2 % of the vote. After choosing a binding cooperation with the Progress Party has been received. The remaining results of the election are listed in the table.


  • Søllerød Denmark (Denmark)
  • Ekenäs Finland (Finland )
  • Sweden Ystad (Sweden)
  • Germany Emden ( Germany )

Culture and sights

In Haugesund, there is a university with degree programs for petroleum engineering, fire safety engineering and others, and a technical school for nursing. Every year, in August, takes place in an International Film Festival (Den norske movie festivalen ) and the Jazz Festival Sildajazz.

The city has today also offers several theaters, a remarkable town hall (1931 ), the Karmsund Folk Museum, the Haugesund Gallery (focus on contemporary art ), the Open Air Museum ( Dokken ) on the island Hasseløy, a symphony orchestra and his own newspaper ( Haugesund Avis ). The local TV station called TV Haugaland, local radio stations are radio and Radio102 Haugaland.

In the neighboring municipality Karmøy, not far from Haugesund, there are other monuments, such as the standing stones at Ferkingstad, as witnesses of the past. Sewing needle of Mary at the St. Olav's Church at Avaldsnes and "The five foolish virgins ." In Avaldsnes to find cemeteries dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Lutheran churches are Vår Frelsers kirke (1900), (Our Redeemer ), Skåre kirke (1856 ), Rossabø kirke (1974) and Udland kirke (2003), the only Catholic church is St. Joseph ( 1933), and there is more free churches.

In Haugesund the football club FK Haugesund is located.

Vår Frelsers kirke, Haugesund

Harald Haugen Monument, Memorial unification

Economy and infrastructure

The city lives economically in addition to trading, fishing, and a shipyard by the canning industry and its deep-water port.


Haugesund has on Karmøy the International Airport Haugesund, Karmøy ( IATA airport code: Gents ) route with flights to Oslo Gardermoen, Bergen Flesland, Fagernes, Copenhagen, Sandefjord ( Torp ), London - Stansted and Bremen. There are also charter and cargo traffic.

Links to the fast ferry ( Flaggruten ) Stavanger - Haugesund - Stord - Bergen is given. Boat tours to the nearby islands and Røvær Feøy and after Utsira ( Norway's smallest municipality ) further out to sea.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kolbein Falkeid, poet
  • Jon Fosse, writer
  • Johannes Joner, actor and director
  • Hanne Krogh, singer
  • Vamp, music band
  • The Low Frequency In Stereo, Music Band
  • Christian Grindheim, Footballer
  • Håvard Nordtveit, Footballer
  • Susanne Sundfør, singer / musician