18,165 ( March 31, 2013 )

Stord is a municipality in the Norwegian province (county ) Hordaland. It is located on the island of Stord, where it is bounded to the north also located on the island of Stord Municipality Fitjar. In addition to the commune include islands Huglo, Storsøya and Tanøy and many small islands and islets. The municipality is part of the landscape Sunnhordland. Stord comes from the norrönen language and means " the Erect ".

Stord has city status. The administrative center of the municipality is called Leirvik. It has approximately 10,000 inhabitants. Sagvåg is the nearest large town, there are about 4,000 inhabitants.

Economy and Transport

Aker Kværner Stord Leirvik, is the largest shipyard in Norway. Aker Kværner Stord has the largest oil platforms in the world built and equipped, the platforms Gullfaks C and Troll.

A tunnel and bridge system ( Trekantsambandet ) since 30 April 2001 connects Bømlo and Stord. The European route E39, the main link between Bergen and Stavanger, going over the island. There are ferry services from Skjærsholmane after Ranavik ( island Halsnøy ) and sounds in the community as well as Kvinnherad of Jektevik after Hodnanes on Tysnes and Huglo. From Stord Airport stop daily flights to Oslo route.