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Tysnes is an island municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Hordaland. It consists of a group of islands south of the mountains where the Hardangerfjord meets the coast. Most of the municipality is located on the island Tysnesøy.

The municipality is bordered to the north by the municipalities and Os Fusa, to the east by Kvinnherad. In the southwest lie the municipalities Stord and Fitjar and west Austevoll. The municipality is part of the landscape Sunnhordland. The highest mountain in the municipality is called Tysnessåta ( 753 moh. ).

The administrative center is located in Uggdal.


The old name of the municipality Njardarlog derives from Njord ( bokmål: Njård, nynorsk Njord, Old Norse Njörðr ), the god of weather and seas Norse mythology, manufactures and suggests that here was the religious center for large parts of the Vestlandet.

Tysnes is its own municipality since 1838.

Economy and Transport

Tysnes has of Hodnanes to the south and west ferry connections to Jektevik and Huglo in Stord municipality. To the north, the ferry goes from Våge after Halhjem in the municipality of Os. A bridge to the east of the island Tysnesøy ( Lukksund bru ) connects the municipality with Fusa on the mainland.