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Ulvik is a Heradskommune in the Norwegian Fylke Hordaland.


The municipality is located in the landscape of Hardanger. It is bordered on the north by the municipalities Voss and Aurland, to the east by Hol, to the south by Eidfjord and to the west by Granvin. It surrounds the northernmost arm of the Hardangerfjord, the Osafjord and Ulvikfjord, and stretches far into the Hardangervidda, so that the northernmost part of Hardangerjøkulen and the westernmost parts of Hallingskarvet, Finse and Hallingskeid within the municipality.

Administration and economy

The administrative center is located in the village of Ulvik on Ulvikfjord. There are several hotels, guest houses, a cinema and several shops.

The community is known for its wood products and furniture industries. Agriculture is characterized by the cultivation of fruit and berry crops and sheep breeding.

Destruction in the Second World War

The village center of Ulvik, Brakanes (60 ° 34 'N, 6 ° 55' O60.5676.9145 ), was completely destroyed on 25 April 1940 by German invasion forces. The minesweeper M 1, under Captain Lieutenant Hans Bartels, and the first Schnellbootsflottille, under Lieutenant Carl -Heinz Birnbacher, army troops brought up the Hardangerfjord Eidfjord and Ulvik and arrived on April 25. Shortly after the troops had gone there on shore, they came under fire Norwegian soldiers. It was on the S - boats one dead and 12 wounded. Bartels Thereupon open to retaliatory fire on the site. What was not destroyed by the shelling, was set on fire. 56 houses were destroyed, and only the church, built in 1859, was spared. The inhabitants were expelled and were only allowed to return months later.


Driving time from Ulvik to Bergen is approximately 2 hours. The nearest airport is Bergen Flesland Airport. The Empire streets Riksvei 7 and 13 Riksvei go through Ulvik. The mountain railway crosses the area of Ulvik and has been with the station Finse the highest railway station in Northern Europe.