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Etne is a commune in the far south of the Norwegian province (county ) Hordaland. It borders the municipalities Kvinnherad, Odda, Ølen, Vindafjord and Sauda ( the latter three in Rogaland ). The municipality is part of the landscape Haugaland.

About half of the population lives in the villages and Etnesjøen Skånevik.

The neighboring municipalities Ølen and Vindafjord joined forces on 1 January 2006. The municipality Etne was invited to participate in this merger, but has chosen a more autonomy.

Coat of arms

The municipality coat of arms symbolizes the two former municipalities Etne and Skånevik, which were united in the mid 60s to the commune Etne. It was designed by Magnus Hardeland. But he died before the work was finished, and the coat of arms was therefore completed by John Digernes.

Description: Blue and silver with dovetail cut split.


Approx. 2 km from the center Etnesjøens is the Stødle Church, whose oldest part dates from the year 1160. In the 17th century the building was extended to a wooden nave. The church was the chapel of the resident on the same farm chief Erling Skakke.