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Fedje is an island and municipality in the Norwegian province (county ) Hordaland. The municipality consists of the main island ( Fedje ) and over 100 small islands and islets. The municipality has approximately 560 inhabitants Fedje. The neighboring municipalities are Gulen in the north, the east and Austrheim Øygarden in the south. Highest point on Fedje is the 47 m high Fedjebjørnen. The largest lake is called Storevatnet. In the southern part of Fedje, the Stormark is called the beacon Hellisøy is fyr.


Traces of human activity on Fedje rich about 4000 years back. In 1700 Fedje was an important trading center, where on the small island Kræmmerholmen the transactions were carried out. Kræmmerholmen was reopened in 1991 and now houses a restaurant, hotel and museum.

During the Second World War Fedje was occupied by about 300 soldiers of the Wehrmacht. At this section of the story remind Remains of bunkers and cannons everywhere on the island.

On February 9, 1945, the British submarine HMS Venturer sank west of the island, the German submarine U 864 The wreck sank to depth of 143 m. It was located in March 2003. It should be not originally raised because of the dangerous contents ( torpedoes and mercury), but are sealed by a concrete and sand cover. In January 2009, the Norwegian government decided to print the wreck of numerous protests of citizens and environmental organizations in 2010 to allow lifting by the Dutch company Mammoet Salvage. The work had not yet started in September 2011.

Economy and Transport

Historically, the fishing is the main industry. Earlier also the peat played a role, but this proposal was set to 1920.

The municipality has no bridge connection to the mainland, the journey is therefore dependent on ferries and boats. The ferry service to the mainland ( 20 trips per day) takes about half an hour.