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Fitjar is a commune in the Norwegian Fylke Hordaland. It is located on the island of Stord, where it borders the south of the municipality of Stord. Beyond the surrounding fjords are Austevoll the municipality, in northeastern Tysnes and in the west the municipality Bømlo in the north. To commune continue Islands are in Selbjørnsfjorden. The administrative center of the municipality is also called Fitjar. The municipality is part of the landscape Sunnhordaland.


At the Battle of Fitjar ( 959, 960 or 961 ), a statue of King Haakon I the Good of the sculptress Anne Grimdalen. The statue was unveiled in 1961 by King Olav V during the celebration of the 1000 -year anniversary of the Battle of Fitjar.

Fitjar was 1860 Heradskommune own. By 1898 the community name Fitje was. After 1964, the municipality bordered to the south and southeast by Stord, on the east and north by Tysnes, on the northwest by Austevoll as well as in the southwest and south by Bømlo. Before 1964, the south side of the islands Selbjørn and Huftarøy belonged to Fitjar.