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Meland is a Norwegian municipality on the island Holsnøy. It is situated in Hordaland Fylke, about 20 kilometers north of Bergen. It includes the main island Holsnøy and the smaller island Flatøy as well as a number of smaller islands. The administrative center is located in Frekhaug.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Meland shows a silver drill on a red background as a symbol of the long tradition in the production of wood drills ( " navar ").


Meland 1923 a separate municipality. A part of Holsnøy and smaller parts of the island were named Askøy Meland municipality. The name derives Meland it from the same parish, whose church stands in the village Meland inside the island Holsnøy, from. In the municipalities Meland Flatøy reform in 1964 took over from the old Hamre municipality and areas in the north of Holsnøy from the old Herdla municipality. The island was released to the Askøy Askøy municipality.

Currently being discussed in the community, whether a merger with the neighboring municipality Lindas would be useful.


From Bergen, drive down 1994 built, 1614 meters long Nordhordland bridge in the municipality. Across the bridge, the municipality is also located directly on the European road E39, with one of the most important north -south connections in Norway.


Both Holsnøy and Flatøy bounded on the south by the Masfjord. The neighboring municipalities Lindas and Radøy the east and north they separate Manger Fjord and Radøyfjord. To the west lies the herdlefjord between the neighboring community Askøy and the island Holsnøy. The municipality Meland is mainly characterized by its hilly - mountainous hinterland, which consists mostly of marsh and woodland areas. In the middle of the island Holsnøy the Storavatnet, the largest lake of the island. Directly to the north includes the Eldsfjell, with 324 meters the highest mountain of the island,.