Os (Hordaland)

Os is a municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Hordaland. It is located on the peninsula south of Bergen.

The administrative center of the municipality is located in Osøyro. The neighboring communities are from the north clockwise: Bergen, Samnanger, Fusa, Tysnes, Austevoll, Sund.


The municipality was founded in 1837 Os. From 1837-1854 the current municipalities were herad Fusa and Samnanger part of Ous ​​.

The Nesttun -Os Railway was a narrow gauge railway that went into the community by Os Nesttun i Fana and Osøyro. The railway line was opened in 1894 and in 1935 resigned.


From south to north the European road E39 runs through the municipality of Os. Ferry connections are available to the south of Halhjem after Sandvikvåg in the community Fitjar and after Våge in the community Tysnes. To the east, a ferry from Hatvik after Venjaneset going on in the community Fusa.


The ruins of the company founded in 1146 Lyseklosters.

The villa of the Norwegian composer Ole Bull can be visited in Lysøen.