Counties of Norway

The Fylke (plural fylker bokmål, nynorsk fylke ) is the Norwegian term for the provinces ( administrative districts ) of Norway. Until 1919 they were named the Danish- Norwegian tradition following amt (plural: a civil servant ).

Norway consists of 19 provinces with a total of 428 municipalities (as of 1 January 2013). The Svalbard Islands (No. 21 of the overview map ) is a special territory. The provinces are grouped into five parts of the country ( landsdeler ) that serve as regional planning statistical units ( NUTS 2 level).

Tasks and organization

With the exception of Oslo (No. 3 of the overview map ) of each Fylke forms a government district, which perceives public administrative and service tasks. Among the most important tasks of the Fylkes include construction and maintenance of provincial roads ( fylkesveier ), planning and financing of public transport, further training, public health, historic preservation, cultural activities, regional development and land management and utilization.

Since 1975, a district Fylkesting Parliament is elected in each province. The election shall be held every four years and is coupled with the election of municipal councils. The political organs of the governmental district are similar to those of municipalities:

  • Fylkesting - Municipal Council ( norw kommunestyre )
  • Fylkesutvalg ( District Committee ) - Parish Council ( formannskap )
  • Fylkesordfører ( " district spokesman " ) - Mayor ( ordfører )

In some districts, the distribution of government departments takes place after the parliamentary principle of majority rule, in others by proportional representation.

Since 1977, provincial taxes can be levied within the legal framework.

At the administrative head of a province is the President of the Government ( fylkesmann ). He is appointed by the Norwegian government. Until 1919 his title was bailiff ( norw office man ).

Considerations to a local government reform

Since 2004, a reform of regional structures is discussed to adjust the administrative units of the economic needs and demographic trends. A commission had proposed a division into seven regions, with the capital Oslo area will be expanded. In the north of the country, the provinces of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark were merged. According to another view, there should be no more middle management between the state and municipalities. That would resolve the provinces replacement.


. Below is a list of the Norwegian provinces including the island of Svalbard ( Svalbard ) with populations of March 31, 2013 The number 13 referred to the province mountains, territorially identical with the city of Bergen; the province was dissolved in 1972 and slammed the mountains Fylke Hordaland.


The last Fylkestingswahl took place on September 12, 2011:

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